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Who invited Peter to Jesus?

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Who invited Peter to Jesus?


Jesus himself
Peter himself
None of the above

The correct answer is D.


According to the Bible, specifically in the book of John 1:40-42, it was Andrew who first met Jesus after hearing John the Baptist's declaration about Him being the "Lamb of God". Andrew, who was originally a disciple of John the Baptist, followed Jesus and spent a day with Him. Andrew was so touched by Jesus' teachings and personality that he invited his brother Simon Peter to meet Jesus as well. Therefore, the answer to the question is Andrew, as stated in option D.

It's interesting to note that Peter, whose original name was Simon, was given the name Peter by Jesus Himself. The name Peter means "rock" and it signifies the important role Peter would play in the establishment of the Christian church.

This narrative is a significant event in the New Testament as it marks the beginning of Jesus' ministry and the gathering of His disciples. It also demonstrates the transformative power of Jesus' teachings, as seen in Andrew's immediate decision to share his encounter with his brother, Peter.

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Discussion (4)

  • I doubt that, Jesus went to meet Peter himself at Gennesaret, after ge finished preaching to the people and Peter caught so many fishes, he asked Peter to follow him and told Peter he will make him fishers of men

  • Olamide

    The answer should be Jesus because he was the first discipline Jesus called

  • Olayori Angel-praise

    The correct answer is A
    Jesus himself called Peter

  • The correct answer is A. According to matthew 4, jesus said "follow me I will make you fishers of men"