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Question 4191

Two Christian virtues to be learned in the story of the good Samaritan are


A) justice and humility

B) compassion and mercy

C) kindness and fairness

D) compassion and humility

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Question 4192

"Take heart, it is I, fear not." This statement was made by Jesus when


A) He appeared to two disciples on the way to Emmaus

B) He was walking on the sea in the night

C) Mary Magdalene saw Him at the sepulchre

D) the woman saw Him after resurrection

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Question 4193

According to Matthew, true wisdom is


A) to beware of false prophets and teachings

B) obeying fully the ten commandments

C) seeking God's kingdom and His righteousness

D) knowing the truth and doing it all the time

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Question 4194

According to Peter, believers who are reproached for the name of Christ are blessed because the spirit of


A) love of God rests upon them

B) Hope of God rests upon them

C) glory of God rests upon them

D) Patience of God rests upon them

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Question 4195

Jesus said anyone who put his hand to the plough and look back would not be


A) rich on earth

B) a good teacher

C) fit for the kingdom of God

D) able to perform miracles

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