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Question 3951

Busy bodies and those living in idleness in the church at Thessalonica were admonished to


A) pray for those in authority for peace

B) do their work in quietness and earn a living

C) appeal to those in authority to create jobs

D) endure persecution from their masters

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Question 3952

In his teaching on partiality, James declares that mercy triumphs over


A) judgment

B) righteousness

C) grace

D) faith

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Question 3953

In Paul's arrangement of the spiritual gifts in Corinthians, the last is


A) the utterance of wisdom

B) interpretation of tongues

C) gifts of healing

D) various kinds of tongues

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Question 3954

In Romans, Paul condemned sin taking over mortal bodies in the new life as instruments of


A) greediness

B) wickedness

C) sadness

D) foolishness

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Question 3955

In Timothy Paul urges Christians to pray for kings and those in authority for the achievement of


A) a successful Christian life

B) godly and acceptable life

C) peace and exaltation in life

D) quiet and peaceable life

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Question 3956

Paul in Romans enjoins all Christians to cast off works of darkness end put on the


A) armour of light

B) armour of faith

C) works of grace

D) works of light

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Question 3957

Peter admonishes that Christians should endure suffering because anyone who has suffered in the flesh


A) shall live the rest of his life in peace

B) shall clothe himself with humility

C) has ceased from sin

D) has overcome death

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Question 3958

Peter enjoins Christians to wait in expectation of the new heavens and the new earth in which


A) evil will be destroyed

B) there will be no more corruption

C) there will be perfection

D) righteousness dwell

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Question 3959

What does Paul advise Roman Christians to do to those who persecute them?


A) Give them drink when thirsty

B) Forgive them

C) Bless them

D) Feed them when hungry

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Question 3960

Which of the following are opposed to each other according to Galatians?


A) Believers and unbelievers

B) Freedmen and salves

C) Jews and Gentiles

D) Flesh and Spirit

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