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Question 21

The statement "this is my beloved son with whom I am well pleased" was heard during Jesus


A) temptation

B) trial

C) crucifixion

D) baptism

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Question 22

"Let it be so now for thus it is fitting for us to fulfil all righteousness". The righteous act to be fulfilled referred to Jesus'


A) baptism

B) Temptation

C) transfiguration

D) crucifixion

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Question 23

To be recognized as an economic messiah, the devil tempted Jesus to


A) accept the riches of the world

B) jump down from the temple pinnacle

C) bow down and worship him

D) change stones into bread and eat

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Question 24

What happened immediately the devil left Jesus after tempting Him?


A) The satanic Kingdom was overthrown

B) The disciples came to strengthen Jesus

C) God rejoiced and elevated Jesus

D) Angels came and ministered to him

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Question 25

Which of the following themes can be associated with the Lord's prayer?


A) Love

B) Forgiveness

C) Humility

D) Commitment

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Question 26

The three disciples in whom Jesus frequently confided were


A) Andrew, Peter and Matthew

B) James, Peter and Thomas

C) Peter, James and John

D) Peter,James and Andrew

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Question 27

The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead was meant to show his


A) obedience and glory

B) power and love

C) victory over demons

D) victory over death

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Question 28

The man who was compelled to carry the cross of Jesus was


A) Cleopas

B) Barabbas

C) Simon of Cyrene

D) Joseph of Arimathea

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Question 29

Jesus was brought to Golgotha to be Crucified "Golgothat" means a place


A) sacrifice

B) tribulation

C) skull

D) death

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Question 30

Jesus offered salvation to one of the robbers crucified with Him because the robber was


A) Indifferent

B) sympathetic

C) humble

D) repentant

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