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The carbon atoms in ethene are?


The carbon atoms in ethene are?


sp3 hybridized
sp hybridized
sp2 hybridized
not hybridized

The correct answer is C.


Hybridization in chemistry refers to the combination of atomic orbitals within an atom to form new hybrid orbitals. These hybrid orbitals have different shapes, energies, and orientations compared to the original atomic orbitals. The type of hybridization can affect the shape of the molecules and their chemical behavior.

Ethene, also known as ethylene, is a hydrocarbon with the formula C2H4. Its structure consists of two carbon atoms (each with three hydrogen atoms) connected by a double bond. This double bond is the key to understanding the hybridization of the carbon atoms in ethene.

Each carbon atom in ethene forms three sigma bonds - two with hydrogen atoms and one with the other carbon atom. These three sigma bonds are formed by the three sp2 hybrid orbitals of the carbon atom. The remaining p orbital forms the pi bond with the other carbon atom. Therefore, the carbon atoms in ethene are sp2 hybridized.

Options A and B are incorrect because sp3 and sp hybridization corresponds to four and two sigma bonds respectively, which is not the case for carbon atoms in ethene. Option D is also incorrect because the carbon atoms in ethene are indeed hybridized.

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