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Question 4251

An element used in the production of matches is


A) nitrogen

B) aluminium

C) copper

D) sulphur

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Question 4252

A given amount of gas occupies 10.0dm5 at 4atm and 273°C. The number of moles of the gas present is [Molar volume of gas at s.t.p = 22.4dm\(^3\)]


A) 0.89 mol

B) 1.90 mol

C) 3.80 mol

D) 5.70 mol

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Question 4253

According to Charles' law, the volume of a gas becomes zero at


A) 0°C

B) -100°C

C) -273°C

D) -373°C

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Question 4254

A substance that is used as a ripening agent for fruits is


A) ethene

B) propane

C) methane

D) butane

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Question 4255

The Sulphide which is insoluble in dilute hydrochloric acid is


A) FeS

B) CuS

C) ZnS

D) Na2S

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Question 4256

What is the PH of 0.00 1 moldm\(^3\) solution of the sodium hydroxide


A) 14

B) 13

C) 12

D) 11

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Question 4257

The type of bonding in [Cu(NH\(_3\))\(^4\)]\(^{2+}\) is 


A) coordinate

B) electrovalent

C) metallic

D) covalent

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Question 4258

Which of the following is an example of a chemical change?


A) dissolution of salt in water

B) rusting of iron

C) melting of ice

D) separating a mixture by distillation

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Question 4259

To what temperature must a gas at 273k be heated in order to double both its volume and pressure?


A) 298K

B) 546K

C) 819K

D) 1092K

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Question 4260

According to the Kinetic Theory an increase in temperature causes the kinetic energy of particles to


A) decrease

B) increase

C) be zero

D) remain constant

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