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Question 21

A compound with molecular formula CH2O2 is


A) A Carbohydrate

B) A Carboxylic acid

C) An alkanol

D) An ester

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Question 22

The quantity of electricity required to discharge 1 mole of univalent ion is


A) 9600 C

B) 48250 C

C) 96500 C

D) 193000 C

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Question 23

Chlorine water is used as a bleaching agent because it is


A) An acidic solution

B) An alkaline solution

C) An oxidizing agent

D) A reducing agent

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Question 24

Which of the following substances is a non-electrolyte?


A) H2SO4


C) C6H12O6

D) NH4Cl

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Question 25

The oxidation number of sulphur is +4 in


A) Na2S2O3

B) H2SO3

C) H2SO4

D) SO3

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Question 26

Consider the following ionic equation:
Cr2O72- + 14H+ + ne- → 2Cr3+ + 7H2O.
The value of n in the equation is _______?


A) 7

B) 6

C) 3

D) 2

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Question 27

Consider the following half-cell reactions.

Al(s) → Al3+(aq) + 3e-

Cu2+(aq) + 2e- → Cu(s)

The overall equation for the reaction is


A) Al(s) + Cu2+(aq) → Al3+(aq) + Cu(s)

B) 2Al(s) + Cu2+(aq) → 2Al(aq) + Cu(s)

C) 2Al(s) + 3Cu2+(aq) → 3Cu(s) + 2Al3+(aq)

D) 3Al(s) + 2Cu2+(aq) → Cu(s) + 3Al3+(aq)

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Question 28

Amino acids are obtained from proteins by


A) Hydrolysis

B) Oxidation

C) Polymerization

D) Reduction

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Question 29

When a compound X is heated with concentrated tetraoxosulphate (VI) acid, it produces an alkene. X is an


A) Alkane

B) Alkanol

C) Alkanoate

D) Alkyne

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Question 30

Ripening of fruits is hastened by using


A) Ethanol

B) Ethane

C) Ethene

D) Ethyne

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