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Question 5531

The basic point of impact by changes which produce mutation is the


A) gametes

B) chromosomes

C) phenotype

D) zygote

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Question 5532

The yellowish colored liquid component of blood that normally holds the blood cells in suspension is


A) serum

B) plasma

C) water

D) thrombocyte

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Question 5533

The function of pith in plant is


A) Absorb mineral salt and nutrient from the soil

B) Pith, or medulla, is a tissue in the stems of vascular plants. Pith is composed of soft, spongy parenchyma cells, which store and transport nutrients throughout the plant.

C) trap chlorophyll from the sunlight

D) Removal of waste product from the plant

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Question 5534

A pollutant that is mostly associated with acid rain is


A) Nitrogen (IV) oxide

B) Ozone

C) Flourine

D) Carbony (IV) oxide

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Question 5535

What is the function of contractile vacuole in paramecium?


A) Produces Enzymes

B) Gets rid of excreta

C) Stores and digest food

D) Gets rid of excess water

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Question 5536

An organism which exhibit extracellular digestion is


A) Spirogyra

B) Paramecium

C) Amoeba

D) Rhizopus

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Question 5537

How many days does it take for incubation of an egg to release chick?


A) 21

B) 22

C) 20

D) 23

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Question 5538

The four classes of cnidarian include the following except


A) Turbellaria

B) Anthozoa

C) Scyphozoa

D) Cubozoa

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Question 5539

What would happen if solution Y is more concentrated than solution X in fig 2?


A) The level of X would rise, Y would falls

A) The level of X would rise, Y would rise

C) The level of X and Y stands the same

D) The level of Y would rise, X would fall.

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Question 5540

Physiological adaptation to very dry conditions in animal demonstrates


A) Xeromorphism

B) Hibernation

C) Aestivation

D) Rejuvenation

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