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Biology Past Questions | JAMB, WAEC, NECO and Post UTME Past Questions

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Question 21

If a baby is a female, her mother's ovum must have been fertilized by a sperm carry the chromosome


A) X




E) Y

Question 22

Leguminous plants, e.g Mucana, are usually planted in cultivated farmlands because they


A) enrich the soil with phoshates

B) provide animals with food

C) enrich the soil with organic nitrogen

D) protect the soil from being over-heated

E) protect the micro organisms in the soil

Question 23

During thunderstorms the energy of lightning discharge causes


A) oxygen and nitrogen to combine

B) more carbon dioxide to be formed

C) nitrites to be converted to nitrates

D) nitrates to be converted to nitrogen

E) death

Question 24

A few grams of dried soil were first heated until red hot and then further heated until no more smoke was released. This experiment was to determine


A) amount of water in soil

B) percentage of water in soil

C) presence of humus in soil

D) resistance of laterities to heat

E) release of smoke from the soil

Question 25

Oxygen from the atmosphere reaches the mammalian blood stream through one of the path indicated below. Indicate the correct path, a = mouth, b = trachea, c = bronchiole, d = nostril, e = bronchus, f = alveoli


A) a → b → e → f → d

B) b → d → f → e → c

C) d → b → e → c → f

D) b → a → f → e → c

E) f → e → c → d → c

Question 26

Below are some group of diseases. Which group of diseases is caused by bacteria?


A) Tuberculosis, smallpox

B) Gonorrhoea, measles

C) Tuberculosis, polio

D) Sleeping sickness, measles

E) Syphilis, gonorrhoea

Question 27

A mosquito which produces eggs which float, and whose larvae lie horizontal to the water surface, also rests at the angle on a vertical surface. This type of mosquito is


A) Aedes

B) Anopheles

C) Culex

D) Tiger mosquito

E) none of the above

Question 28

The amount of water loss from a leaf can be detected using


A) lime-water

B) red litmus paper

C) blue litmus paper

D) blue cobalt chloride paper

E) pink cobalt chloride paper

Question 29

In animals, cilia, flagella, pseudopodia and chaetae, can be used for


A) reproduction

B) fighting

C) attachment to plants

D) locomotion

E) locating sensation

Question 30

Which of the following is NOT true of wind-pollinated flowers?


A) A large amount of pollen produced

B) Light smooth pollen grains

C) Small inconspicuous flowers

D) Scented petals

E) Large pendulous anther

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