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Question 11

The filament of spirogyra were put into equal volumes of sugar solutions X and Y. After 5 minutes, filaments from solution X had their cells contents rounded up while those from Y were unaffected. The experiment shows that


A) solution X was stronger than Y

B) solution Y was stronger than X

C) Spirogyra used up the sugar in solution X

D) solution X is good for stimulating sexual reproduction in Spirogyra

E) solution Y was less contaminated than X

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Question 12

Which part of the human brain is concerned with reflexes controlling the rate of heart beat and breathing?


A) Medulla

B) Cerebrum

C) Cerebellum

D) Pineal body

E) Olfactory lobe

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Question 13

Which of the following hormones is produced during fright or when agitated?


A) Insulin

B) Adrenalin

C) Thyroxine

D) Pituitrin

E) Progesterone

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Question 14

The following are connected with the movement of a reflex action

(1) Central Nervous,
(2) Muscles,
(3) Skin,
(4) Sensory Nerve,
(5) Motor Nerve.

Which of the following sequences indicates a correct path?


A) 1 → 2 → 3 → 4 → 5

B) 2 → 1 → 4 → 5 → 3

C) 3 → 4 → 1 → 2 → 5

D) 4 → 1 → 5 → 2 → 3

E) 3 → 4 → 1 → 5 → 2

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Question 15

Biconcave lenses are used in the correction of an eye defect called?


A) myopia

B) colour blindnes

C) old age

D) hypermetropia

E) weakening of ciliary muscles

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Question 16

The center which controls respiratory activities in the mammalian brain is the


A) cerebrum

B) olfactory lobe

C) pituitary organ

D) cerebellum

E) medulla

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Question 17

A student trying to find out the order in which organisms appear on a cleared plot is studying one of the following


A) Ecosystem

B) Food chain

C) Food web

D) Succession

E) Community

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Question 18

An organism X lives entirely on the waste products in another organism Y. In this association X is a


A) symbiont

B) commensal

C) saprophyte

D) parasite

E) epiphyte

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Question 19

The tips of some rice seedlings were cut off while some were left intact. Both were covered with a container which had only one small hole to allow light through. After twenty-four hours it was observed that


A) the cut tips was bent away from the light

B) the cut tips bent towards source of light

C) the intact tips bent away from the light

D) the intact tips bent towards the light

E) both tips bent away from light

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Question 20

If three 30 cm lengths of glass tubes are tightly packed with clay, sand and loamy soils respectively and then stood in a beaker of water for one week, the level of water will be


A) lowest in the tube with clay

B) the same in all tubes

C) lowest in the tube with loamy soil

D) highest in the tube with sandy soil

E) lowest in the tube with sandy soil

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