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Question 1

Which of the following is not present in RNA?


A) Adenine

B) Guanine

C) Cytosine

D) Thymine

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Question 2

In the evolutionary trend, in which phylum do we begin to see a complete digest tract?


A) ctenophora

B) Platyhelminthes

C) nematoda

D) mollusca

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Question 3

The picture below is an example of a


A) capsule

B) follicle

C) legume

D) schizocarp

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Question 4

One of these features is not typical of most animals


A) heterotrophic

B) multicellular

C) sessile

D) motile at some stage of life cycle

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Question 5

The cnidarians use their nematocysts only for _______


A) capturing prey

B) courtship

C) gas exchange

D) sensing chemicals

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Question 6

The lack of special supportive structures in bryophytes restricts them to one of the following types of growth.


A) lateral growth

B) upward growth

C) downward growth

D) aerial growth

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Question 7

Which type of placentation does the diagram below represent?


A) parietal

B) axile

C) marginal

D) free-central

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Question 8

One of these is not a unique feature of meiosis


A) synapsis

B) homologous recombination

C) reduction division

D) cytokinesis

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Question 9

One of the following is not true


A) saprophytic nutrition involves feeding on a soluble organic material from inorganic substances

B) symbiosis is a nutritional relationship in which both organisms involved derive benefit

C) a parasite causes injuries to its host in the course of getting its food

D) holozoic mode of nutrition can be seen in animals carnivorous plants and some protists

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Question 10

In which biome would you expect to have the shortest growing season?


A) tropical rain forest

B) guinea savanna

C) sudan savanna

D) deserts

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