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The most important limitation of agricultural mechanization is

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The most important limitation of agricultural mechanization is


small holdings
lack of technical know-how
poor marketing system
inadequate storage facilities
pest attack

The correct answer is A.


Agricultural mechanization refers to the use of machines and equipment in farming activities. It can greatly increase efficiency and productivity in agriculture. However, there are certain limitations to agricultural mechanization that need to be considered.

The question asks about the most important limitation of agricultural mechanization. Among the given options, the correct answer is "Option A: small holdings." This means that one of the main challenges of agricultural mechanization is the presence of small farms or land holdings.

Small holdings can pose a limitation to agricultural mechanization because the cost of acquiring and maintaining machinery may be too high for individual small-scale farmers. Additionally, the size and layout of small farms may not be suitable for large-scale mechanized operations. This can make it difficult for small-scale farmers to adopt and benefit from agricultural mechanization.

It is important to note that while small holdings are a significant limitation, other factors mentioned in the options, such as lack of technical know-how, poor marketing system, inadequate storage facilities, and pest attack, can also impact agricultural mechanization to some extent. However, the question specifically asks for the most important limitation, and in this case, it is small holdings.

To learn more about agricultural mechanization and its limitations, it would be helpful to refer to textbooks or resources that cover topics related to agricultural technology, farm management, and the challenges faced by small-scale farmers in adopting mechanization.

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