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The duration of the oestrus cycle of sow is

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The duration of the oestrus cycle of sow is


14 - 28 days
6 - 10 days
3 - 5 days
1 - 2 days

The correct answer is A.


The question is asking about the duration of the oestrus cycle of a sow. The oestrus cycle is the reproductive cycle that female animals go through, including pigs. The options provided are different ranges of days, and we need to determine which range is correct for the oestrus cycle of a sow.

The correct answer is Option A: 14 - 28 days. This means that the oestrus cycle of a sow typically lasts between 14 and 28 days. During this cycle, the sow goes through various hormonal changes that prepare her for mating and potential pregnancy.

It's important to note that the oestrus cycle can vary slightly between individual sows and can be influenced by factors such as breed, age, and environmental conditions. However, the range of 14 - 28 days is generally accepted as the average duration of the oestrus cycle for sows.

Understanding the oestrus cycle is crucial for farmers and breeders as it helps them determine the best time for mating or artificial insemination to maximize the chances of successful reproduction. It also allows them to plan and manage their breeding programs effectively.

To learn more about the oestrus cycle of sows and other aspects of animal reproduction, please refer to your Agricultural Science textbooks.

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