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A characteristic feature of subsistence agriculture is


A characteristic feature of subsistence agriculture is


supply of labour by farm families
wholesale of farm harvest
purchasing of seeds for planting
dieases control

The correct answer is A.


Subsistence agriculture is a type of farming where the main goal is to produce enough food for the farmer and their family to survive. In subsistence agriculture, the focus is on meeting the immediate needs of the household rather than producing crops for sale or trade.

The question is asking about a characteristic feature of subsistence agriculture. The correct answer is option A: supply of labor by farm families. In subsistence agriculture, the labor required to cultivate the land and tend to the crops is provided by the farmer and their family members. This means that the work is done by the people who live on the farm, rather than hiring outside laborers.

This characteristic is important because it helps to keep the costs of production low. Since the labor is provided by the farmer and their family, there is no need to pay additional wages to hired workers. This allows subsistence farmers to save money and rely on their own resources to meet their needs.

It is worth noting that subsistence agriculture is often practiced in rural areas where access to resources and infrastructure may be limited. In these situations, relying on the labor of the farm family ensures that the necessary work can be done without relying on external factors.

In contrast, commercial agriculture is focused on producing crops or raising livestock for sale in the market. In commercial agriculture, labor may be sourced from outside the farm, and the goal is to maximize profits rather than just providing for the family's needs.

To learn more about subsistence agriculture and its characteristics, please see the relevant sections of your Agricultural Science textbook.

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