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Air sacs are present in

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Air sacs are present in



The correct answer is A.


Air sacs are present in poultry.

Air sacs are an important respiratory structure found in birds, including poultry. They are thin-walled, elongated sacs located within the body cavity of the bird. Birds have a unique respiratory system that allows for efficient gas exchange during flight and high metabolic demands.

Unlike mammals, birds do not have lungs that expand and contract to breathe. Instead, they have a system of air sacs that help them breathe. The air sacs act as reservoirs, storing and circulating air within the bird's body.

When a bird inhales, air enters the trachea and then flows into the posterior air sacs. From there, the air moves into the lungs, where oxygen is exchanged with carbon dioxide. During exhalation, the air is forced out of the lungs and into the anterior air sacs.

The air sacs play a crucial role in bird respiration by maintaining a continuous flow of oxygen-rich air through the lungs. This allows for a more efficient exchange of gases, ensuring that the bird receives enough oxygen to meet its high metabolic needs.

In summary, air sacs are present in poultry, such as chickens and turkeys, and are an essential part of their unique respiratory system that enables efficient breathing during flight and high metabolic activity.

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