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Grafting involves the


Grafting involves the


fusion of the gametes of two plants
inducement of rooting from two stems
transfer of a bud from one plant to another
joining of two parts from related plants

The correct answer is C.


Grafting is a technique used in agriculture to combine parts of different plants together. In grafting, a bud from one plant is transferred and attached to another plant. This allows the two plants to grow together and become one.

The correct option for this question is Option C: transfer of a bud from one plant to another. This means that grafting involves taking a bud from one plant and attaching it to another plant. By doing this, we can combine the desirable traits of different plants into one plant.

For example, if we have a plant that produces delicious fruit but has weak roots, and another plant with strong roots but tasteless fruit, we can graft a bud from the fruiting plant onto the root plant. This way, we can have a plant with both strong roots and delicious fruit.

Grafting is a common practice in horticulture and is used to propagate plants, create disease-resistant varieties, and improve crop yields. It requires careful technique and knowledge of plant biology.

To learn more about grafting and its applications, please read the relevant sections of your Agricultural Science textbooks.

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