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Predators are used by farmers to

Agricultural ScienceWAEC SSCE 2017


Predators are used by farmers to


control pests
induce flowering in plants
protect the soil
hasten fruit ripening

The correct answer is A.


Predators, in the context of farming and agriculture, are organisms that hunt and consume other organisms, often referred to as pests. Pests can cause extensive damage to crops, reducing their yield and quality. Predators play a critical role in the natural food chain, maintaining balance in the ecosystem.

In terms of agricultural practices, farmers can use predators to control pest populations. This is a method of biological pest control. Farmers introduce predators that are natural enemies of the pests in the field. These predators can be insects, birds, or other animals that feed on the pests.

So, the correct answer is option A, control pests. The other options are not directly related to the role of predators in farming. Predators do not induce flowering in plants, protect the soil, or hasten fruit ripening. These are controlled by other factors such as sunlight, nutrients, weather conditions, and specific agricultural techniques.

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