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The mating of a white fulani bull and an N'dama cow could be termed?


The mating of a white fulani bull and an N'dama cow could be termed?


Line breeding
Cross breeding

The correct answer is D.


Animal breeding is producing improved breeds of domesticated animals by improving their genotypes through selective breeding.

In-breeding refers to the mating of more closely related individuals within the same breed for 4-6 generations.

Line breeding is the mating animals that are more distantly related which can be traced back to one common ancestor. Examples: Cousins Grandparents to grand offspring.

Out breeding is the breeding of unrelated animals is generally of two types:

Crossbreeding is the mating of two animals of different breeds. Superior traits that results in the crossbred progeny from crossbreeding are called hybrid vigor or heterosis.

Grading up is the breeding of animals of two different breeds where the animals of an indigenous breed/genetic group is mated by an improved pure breed for several generations towards attaining the superior traits of the improved breed.

White Fulani and N'dama cows are two different species of cow with desirable characteristics;N'Dama has short, slender limbs, with hooves strong enough to be used for traction work. The cows have modest udders with fine teats.

While in the White Fulani cow the general shallowness of the body and lack of width give the breed a leggy appearance. This characteristic of the breed has been described as an adaptation to long distance trekking in the pastoral management . The breed is of interest in that it is more tolerant to heat as compared to N'Dama and Gudali, more resistant to dermatophilosis than the Muturu and N'Dama breeds, resistant to intestinal helminth parasites, and has low mortality rate.

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