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Question 31

Callosobruchus maculatus is a common pest of


A) Sorghum

B) Rice

C) Mazie

D) Cowpea

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Question 32

The use of pathogens to control dodder weeds is a


A) Physcial methos

B) Mechanical method

C) Biological method

D) Cultural method

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Question 33

The digestive function of the rumen in ruminant nutrition is enchanced by the


A) Absorption of water

B) Presence of micro -organisms

C) Absorption of food nutrients

D) Retention of unwanted foreign materials

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Question 34

The duration of the oestrus cycle of sow is


A) 14 - 28 days

B) 6 - 10 days

C) 3 - 5 days

D) 1 - 2 days

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Question 35

Natural immunity to diseases in calves is acquired through access to


A) Vaccine

B) Colostrum

C) Balanced diet

D) Salt licks

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Question 36

If a sow conceived on the 5th of june in particular year, it will probably farrow the same year on


A) 8th Aubgust

B) 18th September

C) 28th September

D) 28th October

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Question 37

The act of parturition in rabbit is known as


A) Calving

B) Lambing

C) Farrowing

D) Kindling

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Question 38

The extra oyster shell meal supplied to breeding hens __________.


A) Prevents excess abdominal fat

B) Prevents anaema

C) Aids in hardening egg shell

D) Shortens the incubation period of eggs

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Question 39

Iron is important in the diet of livestock for


A) Teeth formation

B) Fearther production

C) Hanir formation

D) Blood production

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Question 40

Established pasture cannot be harvested by


A) Using the mower

B) Zero grazing

C) Using combine harvester

D) Cutting with sickle

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