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Question 21

Which of the following statements describe the impact of land degradation?
I. Increased availablity of fuel wood
II. Reduction in livestock production
III. Decrease in agricultural productivity
IV. Pollution of water bodies


A) I,II and III only

B) I,III and IV only

C) II, III and IV only

D) I, II, III and IV

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Question 22

Tabacco belongs to the group of crops called


A) Fibres

B) Beverages

C) Stimulants

D) Cereals

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Question 23

Maize is a popular crop in West Africa because it


A) is a cereal

B) Has multiple uses

C) Is of high nutritional value

D) Was introduced from Wurope

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Question 24

If the spacing of maize is 0.9m by 0.3m and one seed is sown per stand, what will be the popullation of maize plants on a hectare of farmland?


A) 74,074

B) 54,000

C) 37,037

D) 27,000

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Question 25

The following crops require shade trees at the seeding statge except


A) Theobroma cacao

B) Coffea spp

C) Elaeis guineensis

D) Oryza sativa

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Question 26

Crop which are primarily grown to provide food for farm animals are


A) Legumes

B) Weeds

C) Forages

D) Grasses

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Question 27

Crop selection is adantageous because


A) Seeds are collected from stands with desirable traits

B) Expertise is required in carring out the process

C) The breeder'd patience is being tasked

D) The process is time consuming

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Question 28

A fungus known as phytophthora palmivora is responsible for


A) Panama disease of banana

B) Blackarm diease of kola

C) Black pod disease of cocoa

D) Blossom-end rot disease of tomato

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Question 29

Viral disease of crops can best be controlled through


A) Vector control

B) Planting reistant varieties

C) Spraying insecticides

D) Sterilizing farm equipment

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Question 30

Piercing and sucking insect pests possess


A) Maxillae

B) Mandibles

C) Labrums

D) Probosces

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