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Agricultural Science Past Questions - Page 2

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Question 6

Which of the following equipment is a farm implement?


A) Dryer

B) Sheller

C) Mower

D) Mistblower

Exam Body: WAEC

Question 7

A periodic maintenance activity carried out using a farm tractor is


A) Checking of radiator water

B) Checking of lyre pressure

C) Changing of engine oil

D) Cleaning after use

Exam Body: WAEC

Question 8

Which of the following sources of farm power is most verstile in West Africa?


A) Biogas

B) Animal

C) Wind

D) Water

Exam Body: WAEC

Question 9

Farm mechanization does not


A) involve the use of motorized equipment

B) Require much capital

C) Promote employment

D) Involve the use of heavy machinery

Exam Body: WAEC

Question 10

Farm surveying equipment include the following except


A) Abney level

B) Compass

C) Gunter's chain

D) Spade

Exam Body: WAEC