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Making Money From Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

In this article, I will be sharing with you the pros of affiliate marketing, one of the most profitable ways to earn money online and why you should be in the biz. Affiliate marketing has to do with engaging the services of freelance marketers to help you in the marketing of products and services. Most established Internet marketers who ... Continue Reading

Making Money From Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

In this article, I will be sharing with you the pros of affiliate marketing, one of the most profitable ways to earn money online and why you should be in the biz. Affiliate marketing has to do with engaging the services of freelance marketers to help you in the marketing of products and services. Most established Internet marketers who specialise in the marketing of informational products most often make use of affiliate marketers for the effective marketing of their products. Imagine yourself creating a small business, and looking to spread the word about your new products and services. Where will you advertise? Who will help carry your message? Avenues like the Internet have provided businesses more opportunities to connect with a high variety of consumers. Unfortunately, the Internet is also an extremely “noisy” environment, where consumers are pelted with advertisements from a variety of directions from untrusted sources.

Hoping to cut through some of this noise, many businesses enter into affiliate partnerships, where a website advertises the business for commission. These tactics allow businesses to enter into partnerships with trusted sources who market the business. Instead of paying a set price for a certain ad period, companies pay by performance for affiliate campaigns, giving many newer businesses a cheaper alternative to traditional marketing routes.
To give you an idea of how to make money from affiliate marketing, let us assume that you create a product which sells for $ 50 – which is about N 8,000 – thereafter, you send out invitations to people from your website and through other websites for them to sign-up for your affiliate marketing business for the purpose of promoting your products at a 50-50 share of the proceeds from the sale of your products. After a while of sending out the invitations, 100 persons register and become part of your affiliate marketing work group. During the first month of business, all your affiliate marketers sell at least one of your products – assuming that you have more than one. While each of your affiliate marketers make $ 25 – which is about N 4,000 – each, you on your part will make 100 times that amount – $25 – totaling $ 2,500 – which is about N 400,000. Nice, isn’t it?

Who Uses Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing tactics are used most frequently by online retailers. is one of the biggest names in affiliate marketing and it’s program was one of the first major affiliate marketing campaigns developed, and became a model for other companies’ subsequent campaigns. The advent of Google and LinkShare enabled affiliate marketing to extend to a higher variety of website publishers at all levels of traffic. Thus, a blogger, website publisher or online marketer might serve as an affiliate for a multi-million dollar company.
Because of the affiliate website’s commission, the profit margin on products sold is lower, but total volume of sales tends to be higher. Products that particularly benefit from high exposure, such as books and music, are good candidates for an affiliate marketing strategy. Entertainment, and particularly gaming, has also experienced growth through such marketing. Other business sectors that are growing through affiliate marketing include financetravel, and mobile-phone sales.

Why Should I Use Affiliate Marketing?

1. Get quick access to huge audiences.
2. Low risk: If the advertising doesn’t bring in sales, it costs nothing.
3. Website publishers volunteer to participate, instead of having to be recruited.

How Can I Make Money As An Affiliate of Amazon? is probably the most popular online shopping website in the world and it is based in the USA but sells to most other countries around the world. Amazon is into online shopping and hence they provide a platform for both buyers and sellers to buy and sell. There are many ways one can make money with Amazon but if you are here in Nigeria where I write from, you can still use Amazon to make money right here.
A cool way to make money from Amazon is by engaging in their affiliate program. I have gone quite far in explaining what affiliate marketing is basically about. You can make money by referring customers to them and when they buy, you earn a commission based on the sales price. I’ve made some money from their program and I get paid with their gift cards. To earn money from this program, you need to at least have a website or place where you can write and review their products and then use your affiliate links on that website so that when customers read your review and click on your link, you stand a chance of getting some credit when they purchase. You can use platforms like blogger, hubpages, YouTube channels or your own hosted website to make money as an affiliate of Amazon. You also need to first of all register for an account with Amazon as an associate. You may also want to encourage friends to place your referral links on their social media pages such as on Facebook for a 50-50 commission as earlier explained.

What Kinds of Customers Can I Reach Effectively With Affiliate Marketing?

For people to respond positively to affiliate marketing strategies, they must feel comfortable with making purchases online. For younger generation(s), this may include nearly everyone; however, many older adults still prefer to purchase goods or services in-person at brick and mortar stores, shops and supermarkets. The customers most impacted by affiliate marketing are those who already shop online. Fortunately, their online shopping behavior drives website publishers to structure and create websites to meet those demands. Customers who shop online have an easy and immediate means to research products and compare prices. Any affiliate marketing strategy must take into account that its customer base will tend to be more informed about its products – and those of its competitors.

How Can I Develop An Affiliate Marketing Campaign?

When implementing an affiliate marketing campaign, you must ensure the products are competitive in the marketplace. Many affiliates – such as comparison shopping websites, or discussion websites devoted to particular industries – readily offer visitors information about many other products on the market.

Critical Elements of Affiliate Marketing

1. Awareness of competition
2. Acquiring the right affiliates
3. Tracking incoming data (particularly sales conversions) from affiliate websites
4. Maintaining the program, correcting issues and abuses
Effective website design is fundamental to making any Internet marketing campaign work. Thousands of affiliates may increase web traffic, but if the landing pages are not attractive, you won’t be able to convert these visitors into paying customers. Internet shoppers in the process of researching and comparing are likely to spend only seconds summing up a page.
Finally, an effective affiliate marketing campaign requires maintenance. This involves tracking data from thousands of affiliates and responding to issues – such as poor affiliate behavior – that must be eliminated.  Maintenance also helps businesses you are an affiliate of identify which websites bring in the most traffic, so they can adjust accordingly. Lastly, do not engage in spam. It does not pay in the long run.

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