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JAMB Subject Combinations for Courses in the Arts

This is the full list of JAMB Subject Combinations for Arts. As a matter of fact, we have compiled this list for all prospective JAMBites for the forthcoming UTME. Note that English Language is compulsory for all. Hence, it is already an automatic part of the subject combinations:

JAMB Subject Combinations for Courses in the Arts

1. Arabic and Islamic Studies:

Arabic and Islamic Studies is the study of the Islamic religion and culture. It also involves the study of the Arabic language which is a Central Semitic language, closely related to the Northwest Semitic languages (Aramaic, Hebrew, Ugaritic and Phoenician), the Ancient South Arabian languages, and various other Semitic languages of Arabia such as Dadanitic.

Faculty: Arts

Subject Combination: Use of English, Arabic and two subjects from Arts or Social Sciences.


Photo Credit: Harvard University

2. Christian Religious Studies:

Christian Religious Studies is the study of the Christian religion and is devoted to research into Christian religious beliefs, behaviors, and institutions.

Faculty: Arts

Subject Combination: Use of English, two Arts subjects including Christian Religious Knowledge and any other subject.

3. English and Literary Studies:

English and Literary Studies is the academic discipline that includes the study of literatures written in the English language from different areas and English linguistics (including English phonetics, phonology, syntax, morphology, semantics, pragmatics, corpus linguistics, and stylistics).

Faculty: Arts

Subject Combination: Use of English, Literature in English, Government or History or any other Arts subjects.

4. Fine and Applied Arts:

Fine and Applied Arts involves the study of visual arts and how they can be created primarily for aesthetic and intellectual purposes for beauty and meaningfulness, specifically, painting, sculpture, drawing, watercolor, graphics, and architecture.”

Faculty: Arts

Subject Combination: Use of English Language, Fine Art and two other Arts subjects or Social Science subject.

5. Foreign Languages and Literature:

Foreign Languages and Literature is a discipline that involves becoming proficient in a foreign language, as well as learning how to think critically about the world while getting immersed in the study of new cultures.

Faculty: Arts

Subject Combination: Use of English Language, Fine Art and two other Arts subjects or Social Science subject.

6. French:

French involves the study of the French people and language as well as the French culture. French is the language of France, also used in parts of Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada, in several countries of northern and western Africa and the Caribbean, and elsewhere.

Faculty: Arts

Subject Combination: English, French and any other two subjects from Arts and Social Sciences.

7. Hausa:

Hausa involves the study of the Hausa people and language as well as the Hausa culture. Hausa is the Chadic language of the Hausa, spoken by some 30 million people, mainly in Nigeria and Niger, and used as a lingua franca in parts of West Africa.

Faculty: Arts

Subject Combination: English, Hausa, Lit in English and any of Economics, Government, History and Arabic.

8. History and International Studies:

History is the study of the past as it is described in written documents. International studies is concerned with the study of the major political, economic, social, and cultural issues that dominate the international agenda.

Faculty: Arts

Subject Combination: Use of English, History/Government and any other two subjects from Arts & Social Science.


9. Law:

Law is an interdisciplinary, liberal arts discipline that engages the meanings, values, practices, and institutions of law and legality. Legal Studies examines how law shapes and is shaped by political, economic, and cultural forces.

Faculty: Arts

Subject Combination: English, Literature, Economics and any other Art Subject.


Photo Credit: ID Law Office

10. Linguistics:

Linguistics is the scientific study of language and its structure, including the study of grammar, syntax, and phonetics.

Faculty: Arts

Subject Combination: English, Two relevant Arts subjects and any other subject.

11. Theatre Arts:

Theatre arts involves the study of the form of art that uses live performers, typically actors or actresses, to present the experience of a real or imagined event before a live audience in a specific place, often a stage.

Faculty: Arts

Subject Combination: Use of English, Literature in English and two other relevant subjects.

12. Igbo:

Igbo involves the study of the Igbo people and language as well as the Igbo culture. Igbo is the language of the Igbo, belonging to the Kwa group. It is an official language of Nigeria, with over 12 million speakers.

Faculty: Arts

Subject Combination: English, Igbo and two subjects from Arts and social Sciences.

13. Mass Communication:

Mass communication is the study of how people and entities relay information through mass media to large segments of the population at the same time.

Faculty: Arts

Subject Combination: Use of English, Literature in English, Economics and Government or CRK/IRK.

14. Music:

Music involves the study of the form of art that combines vocal or instrumental sounds to create a composition or produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

Faculty: Arts

Subject Combination: Use of English, Music, one other Arts subject plus any other subject.


Photo Credit: We Know Your Dreams

15. Yoruba:

Yoruba involves the study of the Yoruba people and language as well as the Yoruba culture. Yoruba is the language of the Yoruba, which belongs to the Kwa group. It is an official language of Nigeria, with over 16 million speakers.

Faculty: Arts

Subject Combination: Use of English, Yoruba and two other subjects in Arts or Social Sciences.

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  • Maureen

    please sir what can I study with crk b3,eng b3,eco c6, math c6, bio c6, govt c6,literature d7

    1. Maureen, you have many options such as Law, Mass Communication, Economics, Accountancy, International Relations, Public Administration, Business Administration, etc. You can use our JAMB Course Recommender to see your other options.

  • Ajibolar Dc

    I want to study mass communication..pls advise me

    1. Ajibolar, this is the recommended subject combination for Mass Communication: Use of English, Literature in English, Economics and Government or CRK/IRK. Also, you need to at least credit the subjects in your O’level result.

  • Chika

    pls what course can i study with such result,eng c6,maths c6,biology b3,civic education b3,marketing c6,crs c6,agriculture c6,

    1. Chika, please try out our JAMB Course Recommender to see the courses you can study with your O’level results.

  • Shania Udosen

    Please I have an issue which I can expose it here…. I will like to connect u on fb or whatsapp nd if possible kindly message me via MhizShania udosen

  • Olueri

    plc sir which course can i offer with this sobject.eng,c5,math c4,yor c6,economics, c6,lit d7,gov e8,civic c6, catering b3. and which sobject can i select for jamb

    1. Olueri, you have some good options. Simply try our JAMB Course Recommender to see the best courses you can go for with your O’level results. Just select the subjects you have stated here excluding Literature and Government, since you didn’t get up to credit in those subjects. Then, click on Recommend.

  • Matthew

    please sir, These are my
    grades in WAEC , ENGLISH C4 ,
    F9 , C R K F9 , ANIMAL
    HUSBANDRY E8 . Can i study

    1. Matthew, please try our JAMB Course Recommender to see all your options. Here is the link:
      >> JAMB Course Recommender: Find Out Your Best Options

  • Ibrahi Abubakar

    I want to study mass comm or state managment in Maiduguri what is your advise

    1. Amaka

      i want to study mass communication or literature
      i have math b3, eng c4, engliterature c6, govt c6, crs c4, econo d7, account b3, civic c4, yoruba f9

    2. Amaka, you can study English and Literary Studies with this result. But, you can’t go for Mass Communication because you don’t have at least a credit in Economics.

  • Daniel

    I like computer….. Can art student study computer science in university

    1. Daniel, you can study Computer Science but you need to have the required science subjects in your O’level results.

  • Ricardo

    pls sir i didnt offer music in my WAEC but i want to read music will i be admitted to study music with this result; commerce A1 C.R.E B3 Economics C5 Govern C4 Literatur in Eng C6 English Lang C6 Math C6 Agric science A1 Biology C4. and what should be my JAMB combination sinc i didnt offer music pls i need your help

    1. Richard, for you have good enough chances of getting admission to study Music, I’m sorry but you will need to have Music in your O’level results.

  • Adedayo

    pls sir, am confused i want to know if business administration is for art or commercial.
    pls sir if am to study public administration which subject will i register in jamb. Pls sir tell me

    1. Dayo, Business Admistration can be said to fall under Commercial and the subject combination is: Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and any other Commercial subject.
      Public Administration on the other hand has a different combination which is: Use of English, Government, Economics and any other subject.

  • Temiloluwa

    sir what can i study with eng c4,math c5,biology c4,literature d7,crs c6,govt e8 civic education b3….Wat can i study with it…Sir

    1. Temiloluwa, I’m sorry but your performance in Literature and Government limits your options but you can still go for courses like Sociology and Religious Studies. Permit me to suggest that you combine this result with another O’level result. If you can at least credit Government or Literature, your options will improve.

  • Gloria

    what are the UTME subject for law

    1. Gloria, the UTME subjects are English, Literature, Economics and any other Art Subject.

  • Zion David

    Sir please what can I study with
    Confused please help me..

    1. David, you can go for courses like:
      Business Administration,
      Public Administration,
      Banking and Finance,
      Human Resources Management,
      Political Science,
      Mass Communication,

  • Oyedokun Taofeek

    pls sir I don’t know the course that can suit this my o,level result, MathC5,EconomicsC5,EnglishB2,literatureC4,GovernmentE8,CrsC4,CivicsC4,yorubaC5, pls I need ur comment pls am totally confused due to that of Government

    1. Oyedokun, don’t be confused. It’s true that your performance in Government will greatly limit your options but you can still go for courses like Law using the combination English, Literature, Economics and CRS or any other subject you credited. Other options include:
      Mass Communication,
      Religious Studies,
      Theatre Arts,

  • Oyedokun Taofeek

    art department

  • Rita Chukwu

    if I want to study hospitality management which subject will I register in jamb.

    1. Rita, you need English, Mathematics, Economics and any other subject.

  • Austa Godwin

    Please can I study Business management or Accountacy with Econs, maths, eng and biology

    1. Godwin, you need to replace Biology with any social science subject because Biology is a science subject.

  • Ibraheem Sani

    Good morning sir i hope u are fine, sir can I go for Public Administration or Mass-Comunication with the following subject Eng=C6, Maths=B3, Ecomics=C4, Biology=C4, Agric=C5, Govt=A1, Geography=B3, Islamic=C6, Hausa=F9

    1. Ibrahim, I’m fine, thank you.
      Your grades are good enough for both courses. So, you can for either Public Administration or Mass Communication.

  • Ndiaye Suleyman Tamuno Emi

    please help me ,can I go for international relations with the following subject English mathematic French government civic education biology geography please I need your answer

    1. @Ndiaye, yes you can go for International Relations or International Studies. English and Government are the two most important subjects and you have them already.

  • Akanji Hammed

    PLS I NID UR HELP, I DNT KNOW THE COURSE AM GOING TO USE MY RESULT FOR: Eng B3, Govt C4, Math C4, Agric C4, Lit D7, Economics C4, Yoruba C4, Civic B3, Crs D7…….. Pls help me out with these result to choose the right course.

    1. Hammed, your options are few because of your Literature and CRS but you can still study courses like History and International Studies, Mass Communication, Philosophy and Criminology and Security Studies but I would have advised you to combine the result with maybe your NECO unless you have only one O’level result.

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