JAMB Course Recommender: Find Out Your Best Options

From the following list of subjects, select those that you at least credited in your O'level results.

In other words, from your O'level results which of these subjects did you have a/an A1, B2, B3, C4, C5 or C6? You should select at least four subjects, since this is the number of subjects that make up JAMB subject combinations. However, if you have more than four subjects that were distinctions or credits, you can also select them to see all your possible options. Once you're done selecting your subjects, click Recommend Courses.

Please Note: The course recommendation is based only on the subjects required for each course and is determined by the subjects you provide. It should not take the place of guidance counselling which should help you choose a course best suited for your personality and aspirations.

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  • Solomon

    please I have 211 in jamb and I don’t know if I can pass cause I calculated my gp and found out that it was not good


    a sister of mine scored 177 and the subject she did in jamb are English, physics, biology and chemistry, please which course can she offer in the polytechnic..

  • my result is 163 wich course fit my result.

    1. Justice, it might have be a course offered in a polytechnic.

  • if I miss just a subject in my jamb combination, eg I added 3 correct subjects n replaced commerce with maths will it affect me from getting admission.
    pls answer me

  • Good evening, pls i need a quick reply.. I want to study either of Law, mass communication, international relations and Political science… Which best four subjects will i be writing…. I got literature mathematics and Economics C6 others are A1 and B2

  • Pls i gt d7 in math econs bt b3 in account ad english ad i want 2 go 4 business administration pls can i make it.i need a reply urgently

  • I got D7 both in my econs nd lit-in-english nd 5credits in the others…Which course should i go for?

  • favour

    Pls for one that want to study theater art. what are the best subject needed for o-level and grade.

  • This site is not helping at all !!!!!!!
    Could U imagine I sent msg here for the past 3 days to responds. This is the most annoying site I hv ever seen.

    Please forgive me if I spoke so nasty.
    I just pure out my mind.

    I’m not happy that’s why.

    1. John, thanks for pouring out your mind. But the essence of this page is for you to find the courses you can offer with your available subjects yourself.

      You have a number of options for English, CRS, Government and Economics. All I had to do was to go the subjects above and select these subjects, then click Recommend Courses.
      However, here are the recommendations for you:

      Library Science
      Sociology and Anthropology
      Political Science
      History and International Studies
      Religious Studies
      Christian Religious Studies

      Sorry for the late reply.

  • Please which curse can study with this combination.
    Government and

    1. but you saw what the gentleman text you above

  • So what’s the subject combination to study philosophy

  • Please I want to study mass communication or Philosophy but I hv d7 in Biology nd Literature credit in other ones. Pls I need ur advice what to do.

    Can I study any of these cuz with that result?

    Please I need a reply ASAP.


    1. John, you need at least a credit pass in any subject required for your course.
      Mass Communication requires Literature in English, but Philosophy doesn’t, so you can study Philosophy.

  • temcrown

    p8 in English in Nabteb and b3 in Mathematics in waec what course can i study

  • Gentledove

    pls I HV issue about the registration. I completed all my jamb registration I wan to study political science I choose English,economics, irk,government for utme examination but due to network problem the woman mistakenly choose agriculture 4 me instead of government pls what is the solution now I need advise pls

  • I wanted to study law with English,government, literature and IRS but now looking at the jamb course outline am seeing economics.is it really necessary I use economics in jamb?

    1. It is not necessary because it depends on the school. Your subject combination is okay for Law.

  • Please It’s Mathematics a less competitive course in lasu oau


  • I have F9 in chemistry but 8 credits can they give me mathematics? and what is my jamb subject combination?

  • Ruthyn

    What course can I study with this combination -math

  • ofonime

    please i want to study theatre art and film studies and i want to use english,economics,literature and government in my UTME, then i obtain C’s all the subjects. Is that better?


    I have credit in maths, English but pass in Chemistry and Physics can I study Information and Media Technology Engineering?

  • obeten linus

    can I offer architecture with e8 in physics? please i need the reply now

    1. Linus, I’m sorry but you need at least a credit in Physics to be able to study Architecture.