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How To Buy At Cheap Rates and Sell Used Textbooks Online

The cost of textbooks is a major expense in the university in addition to school tuition fees, travel fare and boarding charges. However, it is hard to do without them because they are your main resource and reference material. University students on a tight budget can cut costs by choosing to buy used textbooks. The university bookstore/shop and bulletin board are two places where you can find textbooks for your coursework. If you are looking to cut costs further, you can shop online for used textbooks. Here’s how to go about your purchase.

1. Dedicated Bookstores

When it comes to shopping online, you have three options available to you. The first is a regular eCommerce site that stocks books in addition other sale items. The second is an online bookstore. These stores deal only in books ranging from fiction to autobiographies to self-help to textbooks.

The third is a relatively new system. There are online sites dedicated to college/university students. They buy, sell and exchange a variety of university items at discounted prices. Here you can get new as well as used items. The advantage of shopping at such sites is that you get textbooks according to the coursework in a single place.

2. Time Your Purchase Right

If you want to get used textbooks in good condition at an affordable price, it is also important to time your purchases right. The best time to shop is just before or at the start of every semester. This is when most students put up the previous year’s textbooks for sale. A greater selection of books allows you to negotiate the price further. If you wait for the last minute, you will have to pick up whatever is available to you. You should try to get your hands on the syllabus for the upcoming semester as soon as you can.

3. Filter your Search

Looking for books is very easy. You can filter your search based on the book title and author name or the ISBN number. Textbooks are also classed on the basis of price range, the condition and genre of the books making it easier for you to pick. A single book can be made in varied editions, some including only the main text while others include annotations and critical analysis in addition to the text.

The books are usually provided in the form of a grid. By simply running your mouse over the book icon, you can get a brief summary of the book along with the price, ISBN number and condition.

3. Check the Condition of the Books

Students often ask if they should opt for used textbooks for many don’t come in a good condition. Modern book stores, local and online, make sure the books are in good condition before accepting them for sale. Also, as already stated above, you can choose books based on their condition. Bookstores class them as new, good, very good and fine.

There is not only a market for textbook buyers but also for sellers. After you have completed your semester, you can sell your current textbooks to fund your textbook purchase for the next semester.

Also, if you are considering selling your books at the end of the semester, keep them in good condition. They will earn a better return rate. It is also important to the sell your books at the right time if you want to get a good price for it.

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