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Do You Want to Become a Hot Cake in the Labor Market? Here Are 14 Ways to Become More Employable

Dear visitors, let me share with you some of the insights I have previously shared on another blog. If you wish to become a hot cake in the labor market, here are 14 ways to:
1. Understand the universal hiring rule – What is this rule? This rule simply put states that “you are only hired and paid for what you are willing and able to offer”. Grasp this rule and every other secret mentioned here will make more sense.
2. Create Relative Value – If you must be employable at any capacity and level, you must be ready to create comparative and commensurate value that will earn you that position. You cannot give what you don’t have.
3. Engage in Personal Development and Mental Capacity Building – A person of high mental capacity coupled with integrity and strong moral values is irresistible in the labour market. Even thieves want honest people working for them.
When you develop yourself and become a person of strong values and integrity, people will begin to look for you. Life and providence will organize circumstances to promote you when you are a person of value.

4. Increase your skill power – What you will be paid for is what are able and willing to do – the universal hiring rule. So, get skills and acquire trainings and as many certifications as you can in your field that will give you a leverage over others.
5. Work at increasing your intelligent quotient (IQ) – Your IQ a measure of your intelligence, obtained through a series of aptitude tests concentrating on different aspects of intellectual functioning. An IQ score of 100 represents “average” intelligence. You can take IQ tests and then develop yourself in areas of weakness.
6. Volunteer your services – Find some very good and preferably large organizations in your field and volunteer to offer some of your services for free for a while. This will serve as training and experience to boost up your profile though it will not be easy.
7. Prepare with the real competition in mind – What competition? The competition between you and so many other equally skillful and educated job seekers. Have friends that are better than you and have gone ahead in that field.
8. Sell solutions – Every organization has one problem or the other you can solve with your knowledge, skills and training, so fish them out in those firms you wish to work and find solutions you can offer for their commensurate paycheck.
9. Improve your social network – Those you have in your social network determine how far you will go. Connection with the right people matters whether online (social networks on the Internet – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or off-line.
10. Join professional bodies and associations – This gives you more credit as someone that can be trusted to offer quality services in that field. You can benefit from the name – having to identify with an accredited professional body in your field.
11. Work with consultants – If not for any other reason, for the fact that consultants that help prepare you for job interviews are the same people that most organizations and firms hire to conduct their job interviews and aptitude tests.
12. Get a career mentor – Find and follow an established person that has gone quite ahead in your field and turn out successful. It does not have to be someone you see daily.
13. Have a career plan – What kind of job do you want? Many job seekers will simply respond, “Any kind of job, sir.” But, no employer has any kind of job to give. Be specific about what you want, make your plans and work towards it.
14. Make getting a job a job – Yes, because that’s what it is. Getting a job is indeed a job. It’s hard work and you must invest in yourself to be able to offer what employers will be willing to pay any amount for. 
I’m sure this has helped you. Thanks forv reading. Watch out for more articles that will help you climb up your career ladder in a fulfilling and profiting way. You’re welcome to visit anytime.
Now it’s your turn: In which of these areas have you been lacking and what do you plan to do about them? Do you think it is worth it to invest all the time and resources it will take to make you highly relevant and sought for in the labour market? In what other ways do you think a job seeker can make him/herself more employable? Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below, and please do share this post with other friends in your social and career network.

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