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From the following list of subjects, select those that you at least credited in your O'level results.

In other words, from your O'level results which of these subjects did you have a/an A1, B2, B3, C4, C5 or C6? You should select at least four subjects, since this is the number of subjects that make up JAMB subject combinations. However, if you have more than four subjects that were distinctions or credits, you can also select them to see all your possible options. Once you're done selecting your subjects, click Find Courses.

Please Note: The course recommendation is based only on the subjects required for each course and is determined by the subjects you provide. It should not take the place of guidance counselling which should help you choose a course best suited for your personality and aspirations.


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  • Christabel

    Plz can I study food science and technology with this warm results:data processing c4,economics b3,civic b3,maths c6,english c4,agric b3,biology b3,chemistry c6,physics d7.

  • Can I got admission without my first school leaving certificate

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