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JAMB Choice Of Course Test For Science Students

JAMB Choice of Course of Study Test For Sciences

This JAMB Choice of Course of Study Test is a simple test for Science students that helps you discover the best career opportunities that relate to your personality based on Holland Code personality types, interests and performance in secondary school as a science student.


1. This JAMB Course Assessment test is a test of 40 questions and you are expected to select only one option that suits your true feelings as your answer to each question.

2. The test should take you about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Try not to give too much thought to each question before answering as you would then be more likely to be selecting an answer based on what you feel is ideal or what you want to be the truth rather than what really is the truth.

3. You will have to supply an answer to each question before you will be allowed to submit the test for your results.

At the end of the test, you will have access to your results in the following pattern that categorizes all the possible courses you can study in Nigerian institutions into four major groups:

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Pure Sciences
  • Engineering and Environmental Sciences
  • Medical and Health Sciences

Your score for each group will be represented as percentages and the implication is pretty simple. Wherever you score highest for instance if the highest is 90% in Engineering and Environmental Sciences, then the test suggests that you are most likely to perform best in courses and fields of study that fall under that category

Once you are done with the test, click on “Finish Quiz” to see your results.

Good luck!

Please Note: Don’t panic if this assessment test lists careers or courses that don’t interest you. Always take more than one test before you make a decision and more importantly, talk with a career counselor if you have access to one or family and friends before making your choice. Remember that this is a decision that will greatly affect you for life, so choose wisely.

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