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Government Practice CBT



1. This test is a test of 20 questions randomly selected from a large number of JAMB, Post UTME, WAEC, NECO and GCE past questions and you are expected to select only one option as your answer to each question.

2. You have 20 minutes which will be counting down at the top right corner of the test page to take this test and if you are unable to complete the test in time, it will automatically save and submit what you were able to attempt for assessment.

3. If you do not have an instant idea of a question you can skip it by clicking on the next button, you can re-attempt the skipped question when you have attempted others. At the end of the test, you will have access to the various answers for the different questions.

Good luck!


  • Adeleke Nabeel

    9ice one

  • Some of the answers are wrong

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  • Pls how can I get imsu past questions

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    Each time I tick d correct answer you will mark it wrong 4 me, Pls try and Mark it correctly. Thank you

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    Pls try and Mark it correctly. Thanks

  • Unyime

    Each time I tick d correct answer you will mark it wrong 4 me, old try and Mark it correctly. Thank you

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    Good day, Please Admin can I get Tasued Post Utme past questions and answers.

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    Once again you guys are the best among equal. I always practiced past questions when I wrote my jamb it was a piece of cake to me. I scored 245. but please how can I get post utme past questions for ABU Civil Law?

  • Good morning Admin and fellow jambite, sorry to disturb you I can’t access any of the questions. I have tried clicking on the start icon several times but it will not open. Thanks for what you have been doing for us

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    Am really happy wit what u pple ar doin i appreciate ur wrk,my jamb is coming up 10th march,i hope i come out with high score after studyen past questions and readn my books.

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    U guys are cool . U really helped a lot , I wrote my jamb examination on Friday & it was easy. I got 236. Thanks again I really appreciate .

    1. You’re most welcome, Precious. I’m really happy for you!

  • Please Update us with the current past question

  • U guys are really helping the jambites but do u have jamb real questions for literature. Sowie if I have gotten you angry

    1. You can’t get us angry. We’re the ones serving you guys. We’re working on updating the questions. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Tunde Kester

    Please admin..laws made by local government is called by-law .not edit. Also on crs the river that flows to the garden of eden are gihon pishon Tigris and Euphrates not pishon gihon Euphrates and Nile..thanks so much you guy are wonderful

    1. Thank you, Tunde. We’ll make corrections and improve the platform. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Some answers are not correct

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  • Thumbs up, brainies!! an app would be just fine!!

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    Pls can you guys go through the 2016 syllabus and set questions base on the arrangements of the syllabus?

    We will really appreciate that. Tanks

  • Damilare

    hi admin , please I believe judicial review is what the judiciary uses in checking the executive and legislative arm of government and not judicial overview. Thanks….

    1. Damilare, you’re right, the correct answer is judicial review and we’ve made the correction. Thanks for your contribution.

  • Chinagorom

    hi admin, sometimes i come across two repeated answers. please can you address it.

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    Admin please we need the CBT as an application… so that it wont be difficult for us to Practice.. thanks

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    Hi admin, I discover that some questions are wrong and some don’t have question but have the options. Please kindly update or address the issue. Thanks

    1. Excellent, thank you for the feedback.
      We’ll address the issue.

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    I can’t used the cbt practice don’t know why…or is it only computer it is meant 4?

    1. We’ve worked on the problems. You should be able to use the platform now.

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    1. Ajoke, we’re really sorry about that. Are you seeing the “Start Test Button”?

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    1. Thanks a lot.
      We’re working on that.

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  • Salisu Adamu Labaran

    How can i get a soft copy of these past questions to my phone so that it will be easier to Practice when the need comes

    1. Adamu, we are working on that and it should be ready very soon. We will send you an email to the email address you used to comment.

  • Orji Emmanuel

    i really need this questions plz

    1. Emmanuel, all the questions are uploaded on the database, the more you practice, the more exposure you get.