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Oral English Pedagogue for Secondary Schools, WASSCE and UTME Candidates

Get a Firm Grip on Test of Orals

  • Treat test of orals from the root
  • Break the hard nuts of stress
  • Boost your chances of success
  • Pronounce English words correctly

Written By Opeifa Olasunkanmi

About the Oral English Pedagogue

Oral English Pedagogue is a unique text that stemmed from yearning for excellence in Test of Orals in certificate and matriculation examinations. Its thirteen chapters contain topics that are core to evaluation of knowledge in English phonology at secondary school level.

The book provides a practical research-based succor to the challenge of Test of Orals that many candidates encounter in the examination hall.

With the copious examples and the evaluation exercises, teachers of English language will also find this book invaluable for lesson preparation.

Above all, its practical approach to dealing with syllabic stress will go a long way to prepare students for success in any examination challenge.

Testimonial: The Oral English Pedagogue has been recommended as the text for Oral English studies in a renowned secondary school in the Federal Capital Territory.

Oral English Pedagogue for SSCE, UTME and Post UTME Candidates

Oral English Pedagogue for SSCE, UTME and Post UTME Candidates

Preface of the Book

Oral English Pedagogue is a result-oriented students’ companion. It is an invaluable material that boosts the chances of success for every intending candidate.

The success-focused book has dealt with all sections of SSCE, GCE, UTME and Post-UTME Test of Orals giving hints on examiners’ bait, ample examples and relevant exercises.

The first three chapters set a solid foundation for the readers. Every student at any Senior Secondary School level should know the distinction between the alphabet and phonetic symbols. Such should equally know what transcription is and how to transcribe phonemically.

The subsequent chapters dealt elaborately with major issues that stand as stumbling blocks for candidates. Their contents adequately prepare any student to withstand any question in all sections. The book revealed how Plural and Past Tense markers, consonant clusters, silent letters, homophones and malapropism are used to test students’ basic knowledge of English phonology.

The dreaded stress pattern and stress placement have been conquered for students for students or candidates’ triumph. Readers will come across detailed practical analyses and hints on how to tackle questions on English stress.

It’s friendly and the witty caption of each chapter will surely go a long way to make the reader relax and digest the contents of the book. Correct answers on each exercise are provided for class activities.

Finally, I entail you to study this material diligently. Take cognizance of every detail. Do not just read to pass an examination but study to improve your spoken English. This will go a long way to give you an edge in life.

Opeifa Olasunkanmi


About the Author

Opeifa Olasunkanmi studied English Education in Lagos State University, Ojoo. He is a sound teacher of English Language with over a decade experience in teaching and preparing candidates for certificate and matriculation examinations.

He works with the Federal Capital Territory Secondary School Education Board. He currently teaches at Government Day Secondary School, Karu.

Background Note

Oral English as called at the secondary school level is the most dreaded aspect of English language by most students and candidates. However, with knowledge and good understanding one can emerge excellent in any oral test.

With excellence in view, this book employs a result-oriented approach to dealing with the challenge of Oral English in SSCE and UTME.

It has been said that Oral English or pronunciation cannot be taught via written medium. Nonetheless, detailed and descriptive explanation can go a very long way to pass across the needed knowledge.

Hence, technical terms in phonology and phonetics that may confuse the readers have been excluded from this text.

Therefore, you are enjoined to read on and adhere to every instruction given in this book. Happy reading!

ISBN: 978-978-941-012-5

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