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6 Things You Can Do At Home While Social Distancing

Everyone is being urged even coerced to stay at home during this dangerous time to reduce the spread of the disease. The federal government has ordered the closure of schools, some state governments also prohibited large gatherings especially in places of worship. In a bid to encourage the stay at home movement and use of cashless policy, GTbank has made the transfer of five thousand naira and below free of charge.

Social distancing is being enforced because it limits the rate at which the new coronavirus spreads, according to Signer laboratory statistics on social distancing, with 75% less contact, 0.625 people are infected in 5 days while in 30days, 2.5 people are infected compared with the normal behavior in which everyone goes out, 2.5 people are infected in 5 days while in 30 days, 406 people are infected already. Imagine that’s outrageous, please stay at home if you have nothing important to do outside and if you do, make sure you follow all precautions, you check for it on the blog.

Staying at home won’t be easy, I must admit but don’t worry I’ve made a list of activities you can engage in to while away time.


In an earlier post, I talked about platforms where you can do online courses and receive certifications. For students, this break is the best time to stack all of them certifications up, you learn and get certificates at the end of the course to show you passed through the process. All these certificates can be used to boost your CV.


In this trying time, the least you can do is get closer to God, your maker. Meditate on his word be it the holy bible or the Quran and most essentially, pray!


Although we are not meant to go out, you can learn skills online, download videos, read books on it, search for websites that specialize in whatever you want to learn, practice well and remember practice makes perfect.


A quote about books says “There’s this thing about books, they let you travel without moving your feet”. Books enlighten you about places, cultures, individuals, structures, ideas and many others. There are websites where you can download the books you want e.g PDF Drive, mobile applications like AnyBooks allow downloads too.


Have you always had admired other new languages or wished you could speak one? Here’s your chance to learn, there are multiple videos on different languages you can download on YouTube, read articles on the internet and there’s an amazing app called Memrise that teaches any language for free.


If you have always been a serious type while in school, here’s your period to unwind a little. All the movies you have always wanted to see or piled up over time, you have a month or more to download and see them.

The list of things you can do is inexhaustible, know what you want and go for it!

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