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Three Things Every Freshman in Nigeria Should Guard Against

Here in Nigeria, so many new students and freshmen find the campus environment a different place all together as they enter for their first time. Some are carried away by the exuberance of this new environment even before they take the time to understand the environment.

Some owing to the ignorance of some of the operations and practices within this environment have led themselves to destruction. It is therefore important to reveal these main ‘highways to an early grave’ which lead first-year students to their destruction upon entering the university.

1. The ‘October Rush’

The name, ‘October Rush’ was derived from the period of new intake and admission into Nigerian tertiary institutions. Formerly, before the disruption of the normal academic calendars of universities by strike actions, academic sessions would usually begin in October.

During this period, new students are admitted into institutions and at this time, you come across old students willing to offer helping hands to new students to get their attention for particular interest. Also, pious church groups, clubs and societies as well as secret societies scavenge for members among the new students.

Some old students especially the male students claim to be what they are not in other to win the affection of the new and mostly innocent female students. They do everything necessary to make sure they get these female students within their territory. As a new student, you need to be very careful.

As a freshman, you should be cautious and not be too fast to give in to anybody or anything. Any inquiry you have to make must concern one of these departments in the school: admissions, student’s affairs, PRO, security, your faculty and department as well as your hostel supervisors and porters.

Be very careful in asking some people to help you do things that you may pay for later. Please, don’t get me wrong, you need to relate to people and ask questions but do it with caution.


2. Welcome Parties and Orientation

This is yet another ‘high way to an early grave’ in school. Immediately after admission and registration, even before matriculation, as has always been the case, many groups organize welcome parties and orientation ceremonies for freshmen.

They are wonderful when the motive is positive. So many parties and ceremonies of this sort are sometimes organized by cult groups and fraternities as a form of initiation.

It is true that one has to catch the vibe and get the feeling but one has to be extremely careful. Do not take any step without being sure where it will lead you to. Any orientation ceremony different from the programs usually organized by universities for first-years should be avoided since you are still new to the environment and will need to study it very well to know how to fit in.

3. First-time Friends

It is natural to have people you call your friends. As you will soon realize, friendship even in the university environment comes naturally, we do not necessarily need to scavenge for them. Therefore, do not allow anyone to chase you around in the name of wanting you to be his/her friend. Even when it has to do with someone of the same sex, take time to choose your friends.

Friends have inherent in them, the power to either make or mar your future, ‘Show me your friends and I will show you your future’. Friends are very important so choose them with wisdom. Your success in the university will be closely tied to the friends you make when you first step into the university.

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