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Ten (10) Affordable Devices for Virtual Learning

Looking for what devices to use for virtual learning? This article is just for you!

With the very fast adoption of virtual learning in almost all part of the world, we are committed to ensure all students are carried along with the moving train. There has been a lot of questions on how students who do not owned a computer or any other ‘sophisticated’ device (as i would love to call it) can participate in the virtual learning process.

Sure! There are still other questions that have not been answered such as; the high cost of data and how students can purchase them, the poor network coverage network, amongst others. All these questions needs not just an answer but also a quick remedy.

In our part here at NigerianScholars, we came out with this list of devices that can be used for the virtual learning process. These devices are very pocket-friendly, affordable and of cause, they are equal to the task.

Please do note that this is not a sponsored post, NigerianScholars is not in any way affiliated with the device brand or the sellers of the device. You are advised to trade wisely.

Due to the different locations of the readers of this article, that’s the reason for the e-Shopping site you’ll get to see below, its also one of our ploy to maintain social distancing (LOL) most especially now that social gatherings are not encouraged.

Below are the list of very affordable devices to aid virtual learning.

Ten (10) Affordable Devices for Virtual Learning

1. Tablet:

A tablet is a wireless touch screen personal computer (PC) that is smaller than a notebook but larger than a smartphone. It is a very portable and good device for study.

An example is the Generic 10.1 Inch Tablet; a very good reading tablet with a 10.1 inch screen perfectly for study. It comes with very strong battery capacity of 8800mAh that can last about 10hrs, it has a 6GB RAM, and an internal memory (ROM) of 64GB. And wait for the best part, the price. This tablet is currently sold for a factory prize of N20,324 due to the pandemic. To get yours now CLICK HERE.

Pleas note that the quantity may be limited and the prize may change at any time. So you are advised to make your decision swiftly.

It does not stop there, there are also various tablets of better prices, capacities and speed, CLICK HERE to view all them and make your choice now.

2. Smartphone:

We are all familiar with smart phones, so I will just mention the device we will review right away.

Its the Gionee S11 Lite Smartphone, a hybrid dual sim 4G phone that is very fast. I must confess the main specification that attracted me to this device is the camera; 13MP front and a 2MP back camera which will be very good for online video interaction sessions, also, for scanning assignments, reports etc. It has an ROM of 32GB and a battery capacity of 3,030mAh. See the full specifications and how to get yours HERE.

To see more affordable, faster and smarter phones, CLICK HERE.

3. Smartphone Screen Magnifier:

Just see this as a mirror that reflects your phone screen on both sides and zooms it out perfectly. Its like giving you a tablet or laptop experience with your small mobile smart phone.

The image above is that of a Generic 12 Inch HD Screen Magnifier, as the name implies it magnifies your screen up to 12 inch plus giving you a HD quality view. It has a speaker and a holder – that holds your phone to position. Its battery capacity is 800mah, which can last 1-2hrs. The prize is N5,324. CLICK HERE to get now.

For more products, brands and sizes, CLICK HERE.

4. Android Keyboard:

This is a keyboard you can use android devices, such as your Smartphones and Tablets. Truth is typing a very long essay, report or an assignment can be very stressful using a Smartphone or a wide screen tablet. A keyboard will help you save more strength and get the job done faster and more accurately.

Android keyboards come in different types, there are the rechargeable ones which you’ll connect to your android device using a Bluetooth and the ones you will connect to your device using a USB cable.

Above is a picture of a Generic 10.1 Inch Equivalent Keyboard that uses a USB. Though they are more suitable for tablets, you can equally find smaller sizes. You get the Generic Equivalent Android keyboard, CLICK HERE. To search for other brands, types and sizes, CLICK HERE.

5. Laptop:

Sometimes, called a Notebook, its a portable computer you can take anywhere and use in any environment. They come in different types and forms. Just see it as a tablet with an android keyboard, only that it is attached together for a life time. But this is not fully true as we now have laptops with detachable keyboards.

Also, so you know there are equally android laptops, which are just basically a tablet with an undetachable keyboard. Apart from android operating system, laptops also comes in Windows, Mac Linux, Ubuntu and many more different kinds of operating system (OS). “

Below we will be looking at a very smartly-designed notebook that is thinner and lighter; a perfect combination for virtual learning.

It is the HP Stream Notebook – a fan-less technology laptop that has a 4GB RAM and 32GB SSD capacity. Its screen size is 11.6 and has a long lasting battery. It costs N64,100. To get yours, CLICK HERE.

The HP Stream notebooks comes in different varieties of bigger RAM, bigger SSD and of cause the costs, CLICK HERE to make you selection.

To check other kinds of laptops with very large and laudable specifications, CLICK HERE.

6. Mouse:

A mouse is a handheld pointing device that detects two-dimensional motion relative to a surface. You can only do little on a computer without a mouse as it is use to direct and coordinate the direction of the cursor, right clicking, left clicking, highlighting, amongst many functions.

There are different types of mouse – the wired and the wireless, below is a Generic 2.4GHz Ultrathin Wireless Mouse – it makes use of a battery (dry cell). Its has a 2.4GHz wireless transmission which can reach 10meters, and it costs just N2,999.

CLICK HERE to get it now.

For other types, CLICK HERE.

7. Power Bank:

We can’t talk about using machines and electronic devices without talking about power. Power for sure has been a very big and disappointing issue here in Nigeria. But that will not be something to be bothered about when you have a power bank.

There are a lot of cool power banks out there suitable for phones, tablets and laptops. Yes! You saw that right, we now have power banks for laptops. Though its not yet rampant, you can check it out. For now we’ll focus on power banks for mobile devices.

To get a power bank I’ll advised you to go for one that would be able to charge your device thrice or at least two times. How would you know this? Check the battery capacity of your phone, for instance if the battery capacity of your phone battery is 4000mah, you should look for a power bank that is exactly 20000mah, in fact in this case the power bank can charge the device approximately 5hrs. This is perfectly good as it will help solve all power problems in virtual learning.

CLICK HERE to get a power bank now.

8. Headphones / Earpiece:

Virtual leading involves online video lectures on YouTube, zoom and other platforms which have to do with audio sound. Headphones will be very helpful for attentive listening and picking up the words of the facilitator or lecturer correctly. They come in two major forms – wired or wireless.

Below is a Generic i7s TWS Bluetooth Earphone, as the name implies its a wireless Earphone. It costs N1,895, CLICK HERE to get yours now.

9. Speakers and Microphone:

A loud speaker as it can also be called is used to amplify the sound. It is an output device, while a microphone in the other hand is an input device that amplify the message to be sent.

Both devices are very useful for online facilitation and interaction between the lecturers and students and vice versa as the case maybe. The most beautiful part about this device is that most headphones and earpieces can serve two functions. So you don’t need to purchase the two differently. You can get a single device to do the job for you just fine.

Below is a Generic Retro Grain BT Speaker – very loud and affordable, it costs just N1,921. CLICK HERE to get yours bow.

For other related products, CLICK HERE.

10. Other devices and Accessories:

Though the 70% of the aforementioned devices are the most essential, there are times when you’ll require the use of other devices such as:

  • External hard disk: to store larger files
  • Pen drives \ flash disk \ memory cards: to store smaller files
  • USB \ OTG Cables: to copy, transfer, charging purposes etc
  • Charger: to charge your phones, laptops, power banks etc
  • Light pen: for pointing objects in the screen.
  • Scanner: for scanning
  • Graph plotter: for plotting graphs
  • Printer: to print,
  • Etc

CLICK HERE to view and place your order.

Your journey into the virtual learning world would be ease and a lot of fun if all these devices are available.

Finally, we understand that all fingers are not equal that is why we always add links to where to can get more pocket-friendly or otherwise prizes of each device mentioned. You are advised to cut your coat according to your size. All the best in your virtual journey.

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