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Top 10 Skills and Abilities You Must Develop to Succeed in Life

In today’s labour market and business world, with the increasing demand for productivity and effectiveness, there are certain skills and abilities you have to develop in order to attain great heights. In this article, I am going to list the skills and abilities you need to develop to succeed in life with meaning and what you can do to develop them.

NOTE: Your success in life is not limited by the following skills and abilities, these only gives you a upper hand over your fellow colleagues. Try as much as possible to develop these.

1. Leadership

The ability to inspire and influence other people towards a worthwhile goal.
Action Plan: Lead more group projects in your class.

2. Problem Solving

Identifying and proffering appropriate techniques to solve problems.
Action Plan: Develop an idea to solve a prevailing problem in your department or class in school and come up with ways to spread the idea.

3. Planning

Working out how to schedule available resources and activities in order to meet an objective.
Action Plan: Set personal and academic goals and targets with deadlines.

4. Flexibility

Changing or modifying your behaviour in response to the needs or demands of the situation
Action Plan: Coping with life in another culture and environment. Try learning a new language

5. Time Management

Ability to effectively utilize time.
Action Plan: Develop a to-do list more often with a time frame and keep to it.

6. Business Consciousness

Knowledge of the socio-economic world
Action Plan: Reading business pages of quality newspapers and apply the knowledge by starting a small business enterprise even while in school.

7. Decision Making

Identify options, analyzing them, and choosing the most appropriate within the right time.
Action Plan: Volunteer to be a member of a class group and get involved in the strategic decision making process.

8. Research

Finding information appropriate to an issue from a variety of sources.
Action Plan: Read voraciously on variety of subjects and gather information on planned subjects.

9. People Skills

Ability to work effectively with others to achieve results.
Action Plan: Volunteer to be part of a small group in your class or faculty and work as a team to achieve the group’s objective.

10. Verbal Communication

Using words to express ideas, give information or explanations effectively.
Action Plan: Identify and utilize platforms that gives opportunity to make presentations or speeches as often as possible.

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