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5 Sins Every Prospective JAMB Candidate Should Not Commit

The 2019 JAMB is around the corner and prospective candidates are expected to have started preparations in anticipation for the commencement of registration scheduled to start on January 10th, 2019. We have put together five sins that candidates should endeavour not to commit as the 2019 UTME draws near. Avoiding these actions will help you take the best steps towards doing well in your JAMB.

1. Creating Your Profile and Completing JAMB Registration Late

Committing this his sin can cause result in obvious consequences. First of all, if you create your JAMB profile late or do not start your JAMB registration process on time, you will reduce the time you have to correct any errors or mistakes if the need arises and if allowance is provided. Also, as the JAMB registration deadline draws near, the JAMB website or portal is likely to slow down due to traffic coming from various candidates in a hurry to complete their registration. This could make things difficult and stressful for you.

JAMB usually gives about three to four weeks for prospective candidates to register. You should create your JAMB profile now if you haven’t already done that. Also, it is advisable to start and complete e-PIN purchase and all the necessary registration steps outlined by JAMB within the first week of registration commencement. That way, you can save yourself of stress and focus on your revision for the exam. It is also very important to thoroughly read the JAMB registration guidelines that will be released by JAMB, take note of the recommended novel or texts and only go to the designated banks or approved CBT centres as the case may be.

2. Waiting Until the Last Minute Before You Start Preparing

Waiting until the last minute before you start preparing for any examination is a recipe for disaster, and JAMB is no exception. From the feeling of tension and intense anxiety to the fear of failure, committing this sin will prevent you from being at your best when the exam day eventually arrives. By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. We have all heard this before, but let’s add a little something to it: By failing to prepare on time, you are preparing to fail.

Even though it’s easier said than done, all it takes is some planning, time management and discipline to cover the material you need to cover for your UTME. If you have 1000 pages of material to cover and you’re capable of realistically studying 10 pages a day, that means you need 100 days or about 3 months to confidently cover more 90% of the material. And this is probably for just one out of the four subjects you will write in JAMB. The bottom-line is that you don’t have time to waste. You have to start now, if you haven’t already started preparing.

3. Choosing Not to Study With Past Questions

Very few candidates are actually guilty of committing this sin because many of us as students already have an inclination for using exam past questions to study, considering it helps us discover what the examiners are looking for faster. Revision works best when you practice what you will most likely be doing in the exam. Even if the examiners are not known for repeating questions, you can’t deny the confidence that comes from knowing you have explored most of the patterns.

For those few students who believe using past questions are a waste of time, repent now and boost your chances of scoring high in JAMB by using JAMB past questions to study.

4. Depending on Only JAMB Past Questions

Many prospective JAMB candidates commit this sin every year. As helpful as JAMB past questions are for preparing for your UTME, it is not wise to depend solely on them. The only time this sin can be forgiven is if you are days away from your exam, when most of what you’re doing is revision. Apart from that, you should be using your exam-focus textbooks, maximizing online resources if you have steady access to the internet, taking down notes and doing whatever you need to do to understand concepts that are still unclear to you. 

Using the JAMB CBT practice platform, after each practice exam, you can track the topics you are not performing well in and make out time to revise them. If you choose to study these online past questions instead, you can also try going through some of the suggested lessons (currently available for subjects like Biology, Physics and Chemistry) on past questions that are unclear to you to see if it helps. At the end day, investing time to fill in your knowledge gaps will still help you long after your JAMB exam, when you have gotten admission into school.

5. Searching For or Placing Your Trust in JAMB Expo

JAMB expo or runs is not something new. In fact, many scammers depend on gullible candidates to make money every JAMB season. Some claim to have the original questions that will be set on the exam day and offer it to interested JAMB candidates at a price. The truth is that many of these people are only out for your money. If you commit this sin, you are doing so at your own risk and should be willing to throw money away for nothing.

For candidates who might be considering committing this sin on another level by entering the exam hall with expo, note that JAMB now has CCTV Cameras installed in all accredited examination center. In fact, wrist watches are no longer allowed in JAMB exam halls. Besides that, there are other strict measures to prevent cheating and catch culprits of malpractice. It’s best to stay clear of any form of examination malpractice. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Hope you have taken note of the five sins? Making sure you do not commit any of them will serve you well and help give you a stress-free JAMB UTME experience. Make the most of the time and resources you have, so that getting admission into school will not be difficult for you.

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