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7 Rules for Securing Admission In Nigeria, 2019/2020 (Fast and Sure)

A lot has changed in the system of gaining admission in Nigeria. To secure admission in Nigeria you need to know a lot of facts.

However certain fundamental principles remain unchanged.

Welcome to your top Nigerian admission coaching session with Osas Divine. Today I am going to give you seven rules for securing admission in Nigeria for the 2019/2020 session.

These days, when it comes to getting admission in Nigeria, scoring high in JAMB does not guarantee you admission alone. Even though, you do need to score high.

From what I have experienced, students will continue to struggle with getting admission unless they are guided.

Have you been trying to get admission? Perhaps, you have put in your best but you’re still yet to get a result. Are you still finding it hard to gain admission? Then, this article is for you. Because after reading this, you’ll be prepared to become a tertiary institution student. To put it differently, with this guide, this year is your year for admission.

Admission in Nigeria is as troublesome as getting a visa, to be very frank with you. No need for further emphasis on that. Students who are somehow associated with the school authorities find it easier to secure admission in Nigeria. On the other hand, those who don’t know anybody can often find things more difficult. In fact, this is a major thing that occurs every day in Nigeria.

The prerequisite that one needs to meet is the issue that many Nigerian secondary school leavers struggle with. In any case, today I am going to share with you the surest way to secure admission in Nigeria.

The 7 Rules for Securing Admission In Nigeria

Let’s look at it this way. A student sits for JAMB, performs well in the exam and then, he also sits for post JAMB if he has to, makes the exam but at the end of the day, he gets left out of admission.

Look at this terminology and system very well, it can only mean that getting admission goes far beyond just making your exams. You need to be enlightened to realize that you have to apply some rules if you truly want to be sure of admission.

So below are the seven main rules to secure admission in Nigeria:

  1. Go for a course and institution you can contend for.
  2. Score very high in JAMB and post UTME.
  3. Get a very good O’level certificate.
  4. Make sure you fill in absolute correct details in your application.
  5. If possible get a relative or a friend in authority to back up the admission processing.
  6. Believe in the admission and stay confident.
  7. Get information fast and do the needful on time.

1. Go for a course and institution you can contend for.

I like diligent students and those who have vowed not to go for another course but let me tell you something:

Sometimes when you have been struggling with admission and yet have nothing to show for it, it’s a tell-tale sign that you are not supposed to be in that field.

Wait, I am not saying not getting admission means you’re not fit for the course. If I tell you that, I will not be telling you the truth. What I am saying is that if the wait is too long, like three, four to five years, then you might need to rethink your choice. As a wise student, you need to start considering other courses and stop wasting time. Besides, you can always come back later to apply again for that course, if that’s what you really want.

At least it would be better than sitting at home waiting endlessly for admission.

2. Score very high in JAMB and post UTME.

There was a specific year; I believe that was in 2016 or 2017. I scored 254 in JAMB and I required 210 for my course “Computer science”. As God would have it, I scored 254, which was higher than what I had required.

I applied for the University of Ilorin as my first choice institution. For the Post UTME, I required at most “60%”. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t able to meet up as I ended up scoring 47%.

In a nutshell, I was given an Education course instead of the “Computer science” which I applied for.

If by any chance you have been in my shoes, you will surely know how it feels when you were given a course that won’t bear any significance to you.



The other issue is that most students have issues scoring high in the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination.

You can’t compare a Third Class and Second Class Upper Honours to a First Class Honours. Similarly, you can’t compare a 15-point A’level result to an 8-, 9- or 10-point result.

The terrible news is “admission works by grade in Nigeria”. The highest scorer gets listed first, this is the place the issue gets in; because many institutions don’t have enough space to contain everyone that is why you need to score very high to get selected first.


For direct entry students, if you didn’t do well in your certificate for the course you need, the best choice for you is to write JAMB once more. Be that as it may, in the event that you made your certificate admirably, you can proceed forward.

3. Get a very good O’level certificate.

Your O’level result is very crucial if you want to be selected from amongst the high competing crowd. A very good O’level certificate to balance your JAMB/direct entry result will make you stand a higher chance because these days schools use O’level results to calculate admission points. So, if you want to secure admission, you need to follow this rule.

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4. Make sure you fill in your details correctly during your application.

The way you register and the details you provide will either make or mar you. 

Did you get that? It’s very important to know that when applying for admission. You must submit only accurate information about yourself.

Take as an example, making the mistake of filling in a wrong O’level result. Irrespective of whether a candidate does this knowingly or unknowingly, it could result in adverse effects. Focus on your following all registration procedure and doing it perfectly. 

5. If possible get a relative or a friend in authority to back up the admission processing.

Remember how we started this guide; admission in Nigeria is sometimes not as it is supposed to be. It’s sad that this even has to be mentioned as a rule for securing admission.

Anyone in authority in the institution you’re applying for can probably help you if you know the person. 

The difference between those who are madly seeking admission and those who are just waiting for it by sitting at home is clear. If you want to secure admission in Nigeria, be ready to fight tooth and nail. 

If you can find one or two persons to scale you through, don’t just sit at home and wait for admission.

6. Believe in the admission and stay confident.

I believe you can get admission this year. Do you believe too? In any endeavour, the place of hope and confidence is always there. You need to be confident that you can secure admission.

By combining your faith with all the other steps you need to take, you will greatly increase your chances of securing admission this year.

7. Get information fast and do the needful on time.

Information is vital and if you always get it from the right source, it will keep you constantly ahead. With the necessary up-to-date information, you will stay informed and know what to do to when necessary.

These seven rules should help you secure admission in Nigeria.

Good luck!

Osas Divine runs a blog at osasdivineblog.com.

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