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Nigerian Universities That Accept Lower Credit for Direct Entry

This information about Nigerian Universities That Accept Lower Credit for Direct Entry is courtesy of a source and is just the opinion of someone with some information about the subject matter. Note that it is not the final say on the matter.

Which Nigerian Universities Accepts Lower Credit for Direct Entry?

Question: Please freebrowsinglink.com, I have a friend who Just finished from one the Polytechnic in Nigeria with lower credit and she wish to go for Direct Entry (DE). Please which of the Nigeria Universities do you know that one can apply for with such qualification. Waiting for your reply and thanks in advance.
Frank B.

We received this question via our Facebook Fanpage and decide to share it here, We believe lots of students with lower credit would also like to know the answer to this question, so we will be telling you the truth, nothing but the truth.

Below are the Lists of Nigerian Universities that Accept Lower Credit for DE.

* Usmanu danfodio university sokoto accept lower credit for direct entry candidates.

* University of ilorin, Unilorin accept lower credit in history and performer art.

* Federal University of Technology, Minna, Futminna accept Lower credit….but not always!! (the probability of gaining admission with lower credit is zero)

* The University of Benin, UNIBEN accepts lower credit (Not Confirm yet)

From our reliable source, we are informed that almost all the northern university are used to accept lower credit. (the source who pass this information to us, said he have many friends there and they apply with lower credit)

From our Professor, (through our female Student) He said, No Nigerian University can accept low credit.
Please take note that this information is all correct because we take out time to call (via mobile phone) more than 50 students from different Universities in Nigeria, and most of them said No universities accept Lower credit. The only Nigerian Universities that accept Lower credit for D.E is Universities in Northern. And we are told that the chance of gaining admission with lower credit is very very low.

Our advice is for you to begin from 100level. Sometimes, Polytechnics don’t accept lower credit from their students!

Considering this given information, we would also advice students with lower credits who wish to go for Direct Entry to instead rewrite JAMB and start from 100 Level, it’s easier that way in such situations!

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