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List of Things to Do During ASUU Strike

The industrial action by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) seems to be here for a while following their deepening feud with the Federal government. ASUU strike action which commenced in the Month of March is yet to near its end as negotiation meetings between the federal government and the lecturer’s union always tend to end up in a deadlock.

With this fact established, it is most likely to conclude that ASUU strike would stick around for a while. So then, what have you been doing with this break so far? Or are you short of ideas?

things to do during asuu strike

This article will help you in taking advantage of ASUU strike to develop yourself before school eventually resumes. Remember, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Don’t just sit down there doing nothing. Time is actually not on your side.

Things to Do During ASUU Strike

Below are ideas on things to learn, develop, or areas to improve yourself in as we collectively anticipate school resumption.

1. Make Money: It is definitely no crime to make some money during the strike action. You would most likely need it to get new handouts, textbooks, stationaries, etc. Let’s not ignore the fact you might also need to change your phones, laptops etc. considering the fact that the strike most likely going to be 3 months now and some of your gadgets or tech devices might have worn out. It’s also a plus and an amazing plan to start gathering and storing capital money to start a business with after school. Sounds cool right? But, I guess this question would be lingering in your mind right about now; how do I make legit money? You could start a business, learn graphics, web development, forex trading, NFTs, cryptocurrency, blogging, etc. The list is endless. For more details on businesses students can do, visit the link below.

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Always make sure you understand and study the pattern of any of these money-making ventures before you venture into it.

2. Learn a skill: Learning a skill will definitely pay off in the short or long run. All you just have to do is to know which type of skill you have and those you lack? Hard skills or soft skills? For clarity, Hard skills are teachable and measurable abilities, such as writing, reading, math, or even the ability to use computer programmes. Soft skills, on the other hand, are qualities that make you a good employee, such as interpersonal skills, communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and leadership skills. In preparation to enter the labour market after your graduation, you would need these skills to have an advantage over your peers.

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Employers nowadays take them into consideration no matter the job opening position a candidate is applying for. So it is compulsory to possess them unless you have other plans.

3. Develop yourself: This is a perfect time to work on and to develop yourself. Developing oneself is usually fun, aside from that it makes you become a better version of yourself and to others. Developing oneself could be personally or professionally. No matter your option, it’s worth your while. Some options to pick from when developing yourself include reading a book every day, learning a new language, picking up a new hobby, taking up a new course, creating an inspirational room, overcoming your fears, waking up early, learning chess, quitting a bad habit, cultivating a new habit, avoiding negative people, learning new things, starting a journal, reducing the time you spend on social media, getting out of your comfort zone, etc. The list is endless.

Remember! If you don’t start learning now, you definitely learn them later. Why not build your foundation now? Harness this opportunity and channel it to developing yourself and becoming the better you. As we still await the end of ASUU strike, happy learning!

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