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Is Reopening Schools Now A Good Idea Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic?

With schools shut for over 100 days and counting, indications from the social and mass media show that majority of pupils, students, teachers and even parents want reopening of schools despite the coronavirus pandemic still sabotaging the world.

Why is that? Why do people prefer to continue their regular routine to saving their very own lives?

In the first quarter of the year when the COVID-19 was declared a pandemic with hundreds to thousands of deaths being recorded on a daily basis, the idea of the lockdown and avoidance of social gatherings came in play.

The lockdown and avoidance of social gatherings from indications have been truly effective in containing the pandemic, at least we can all agree on that.

But, why then do a lot of people still want to go back to their regular routine, most especially reopening schools?

The lack of belief that the virus exist is a big issue for a lot of folks. There are still a lot of people out there who are yet to believe the virus is real and this could be because; they are yet to meet or know any other person or persons that have contacted the virus (you know they say “seeing is believing“) and some other reasons could be because of the lack of trust they have in their government.

In Africa (using Nigeria as a case study), a lot of people believe the government is playing politics with the virus. They are of the opinion that the government created the “imaginary virus” or catapulting the number of cases so that more donations would come in from international and local organizations, countries, and individuals which in turn would generate more monies for them to loot.

One thing that is certain is that you can’t rule their point out, because of the failure of the past and current governments in trust-building, keeping up to their words, and working for the benefits of the people.

Be it as it may, we can’t also say the virus does not exist, because it does not only exist in Africa, even the so-called developed nations are equally struggling to fight it. We are talking about countries with more reliable and trustworthy governments.

Another reason people want to get back to their normal routine and reopening of schools is hunger. Teachers and even some parents fall in this category, most especially those working in private schools and tertiary institutions.

A lot of schools and institutions such as the American University of Nigeria (AUN) and Bowen University have already sacked over hundreds of their staff to stay afloat the economical effects of the pandemic. Even the teachers left in some situations are not paid fully or even paid at all but, reopening schools might just get their life back in order.

It is true they say: “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. When people are forced to stay at home with no other means of a source of income such as the case cited above, the rate of crimes will definitely be on the rise.

We can also come to the agreement that the rate of rape cases showcasing daily in the news are also on the rise, most of the victims of these cases are school children that are supposed to be in schools but cannot because of the lockdown.

Even most of the perpetrators of these devilish acts are supposed to engage with one other activity or the other to meet ends meet but are left idle doing nothing all thanks to the lockdown.

So with the points cited above, has the lockdown done more good than bad?

The idea of the lockdown and avoidance of social gatherings came up to contain the spread of the pandemic, which we will all know leads to death. So school reopening or allowing social gatherings and things to return to normal is creating more chances for more recorded cases and deaths since the virus has not yet been defeated.

Despite the plans and conditions put in place by the federal government for school reopening, there are still reports and concerns from the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), and even the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) that it’s not yet the right time for schools to reopen. The rising number of cases daily from NCDC has not been an encouraging factor too.

From reports, some other countries such as South Korea that reopened schools later had to shut it down following a rapid increase in the number of cases recorded in schools. This might just be the case if schools are reopened in Nigeria.

This is indeed being between the Devil and the deep blue sea, a very uncomfortable situation with no better alternative.

Nobody can truly even say how much longer the pandemic will stay, and life must still go on. 

So then, should schools reopen or should we stay at home and wait for the virus to be defeated before things resume back to normal? What do you think?

We’ll love to hear your taught and opinions with reasons of course in the comment section.

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  • Scattered Nation

    @nigerianscholars.. so when you think the virus would be defeated? There’s no long talk. We are Africans. You can’t compare out standard of body to the ones of North Korea or so. Several Americans doctors opened the truth to the Nigerian government about this issue but the longer throat in them won’t let them listen. Go and see Ghana. They are living there life normally because they understand the fact of being blacks