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How to Win An International Scholarship: Things to Know

How to Win An International Scholarship

Everyone wants to get a scholarship to study while the majority don’t know how to go about it. Don’t worry, this is a step by step guide on how to land one if not multiple. Scholarship is a financial aid given to the selected students. In some awarded scholarships, tuition, travel expenses, feeding allowance and many more can be paid, but not all scholarship gives that, some might only be paid tuition. It depends on the decision of the foundation or agency that awards it.

Types of Scholarships

Athletic scholarships:

This is more prominent in the US and may or may not be available in this part of the world. This is available for almost every sport and awarded to students with high record in their chosen sport.

Academic scholarships:

This type of scholarship is awarded to students with high academic achievement; First class degree and second class upper are regarded as the highest in our educational system here in Nigeria. Not all scholarships take academic records into consideration so a third class can win a scholarship provided he is hardworking and exceptional.

Women scholarships:

Some scholarships are devoted to women for bridging the gap in gender equality and to maintain gender balance.

Creative scholarships:

These are awarded to promote artistic abilities, be it music or art.

Basic Requirements for a Scholarship

Academic record:

The academic record (transcript) of the applicant is usually asked for, sometimes used to measure how hardworking and resilient the applicant is. High G.P.A scores denote lots of effort must have been put in.

English proficiency tests:

In most cases, English proficiency tests are required, this is to show the applicant has a good command of English grammar. In recent times, native English speakers are required to give evidence that their previous academic qualification was taught in English. Please note not all foreign universities require an English proficiency test.

Recommendation letter:

Previous university lecturers or professors are required to write a recommendation letter stating the prowess of the applicant. Notable figures in the society can also write it. All these depend on the application process laid down by the awarding body.

Evidence of participation in community services:

This is a very important aspect of the application process because most notable awarding bodies requires the applicant to have a record of giving back to the society. This can be achieved by participating in active volunteerism, organizing charity events. All these are required because after the program, all applicants are expected to go back to their home country to put to good use they had learnt during their schooling. Applicants are also excepted to have great leadership skills and must have filled a leadership role before or during the application process.

Notable Scholarship Awarding Bodies

Piece of Advice for Undergraduates

If you desire to land a scholarship upon graduation, start building your track record now, strive to push your G.P up a bit and if you are on a high G.P, no worries try your best to maintain it. Join an association in your university, participate in charity events, volunteer for outreaches. Hone your essay writing skills as most scholarships require essays.

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