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How to Get Admission into UNN – Tips For UNN Post UTME

If You Want Admission Into UNN, You Need to Know This!

There is a peculiar problem in Nigeria of inadequate admission spaces for “prospective undergraduates”. The statistics indicate that between 1.3 and 1.6 million candidates reportedly sit for JAMB/UTME exercise annually and this number is increasing geometrically.

The University of Nigeria (UNN) receives an average of 80, 000 applications (both 1st and 2nd choice) for admission out of this enormous number of candidates. As few as 5000 or 8000 candidates gain admission at the end of the day which is not really an encouraging percentage.

As a result of this high traffic and the fact that too many candidates are seeking few admission chances and slots, the University of Nigeria (UNN) and many other universities and institutions in Nigeria have devised a means of dealing with the excess applications they receive every year. This means is what is most often called Post UTME Screening.

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About UNN Post UTME Screening Examinations

Obviously, many admission seekers into the UNN do not face a major challenge when it comes to passing their JAMB examinations. The main challenge arises in passing the UNN post utme screening examinations to secure an admission slot by merit.

A lot of candidates have been denied admission even when they had high scores in JAMB-UTME because they were screened out in the post utme exams. Now, what is the cause of this continuous trend?

The University of Nigeria (UNN) would want to determine who will and who will not be able to cope with university education as a result of the very large number of applications received by the institution and the fact that they have very limited admission spaces.

Consequent upon this, UNN sets questions that “futurise” the education the candidates are currently receiving and not just questions from what their ordinary level has taught them. By so doing, UNN is able to select the very best and screen out the rest.

The University of Nigeria (UNN) –  popularly known as the lion’s den is indeed a prestigious institution which prides herself in the fact that undoubtedly, many a Nigerian student wish to attend the school.

As prospective students of UNN, there are quite a lot of things that you do need to know and keep at the tip of your fingers which will help you in gaining admission into the Den of the Lions. The following should come in handy:
1.Make sure you did everything possible to score very high in your JAMB-UTME examinations. It may be of interest to you to know that UNN does take the average of your JAMB-UTME score and Post-UTME score before considering you for admission. So ensure that you have scored high enough in JAMB.

2. Ensure that you are at least up to or above average academically. This is a very important point and off course you are the best judge to ascertain your current academic level.

3. As regards the UNN post utme examination, you are going to be expected to answer a total sixty (60) questions on the same four subject combination you used in your JAMB/UTME and each subject would contain fifteen (15) questions. The total time allowed for the whole exam (i.e. 15 questions × 4 subjects = 60 question) used to be one (1) hour (or 60 minutes) but as of last year’s post-UTME, the time has been reduced to a total 45 minutes. This implies that you are not expected to spend more than 1 minute on a question.

4. You need to know that UNN has different cut-off marks for different states and also for different departments. So don’t be surprised if some candidates with lower post-utme score gain admission while those with higher scores are denied admission.

5. Try your possible best to lay your hands on UNN post-utme past questions and practice as much as you can because as they always say “questions don finish”. This year’s post-utme examination will only a repetition of what has been asked some time ago.
Note that UNN organizes the screening exercises in the two campuses (Nsukka and Enugu) for two days. So most subjects like English, Biology, Mathematics, etc are taken both on the 1st and 2nd day and the papers are different. You need to get all the past questions.

UNN Undergraduate Admissions Criteria

To become a student, one has to meet the following General Entry Requirements;

  • Age Limit:
    No person under the age of sixteen (16) years may be admitted to the University as a student.
  • Admission Requirements
  • University of Nigeria, Nsukka requires all candidates applying for admission into any of its courses to possess  five credit “O” level passes which must include a credit pass in English Language and a Science  subject in not more than two sittings.
  • Entry requirement for Direct Entry must include UTME requirement for that particular course.
    Prospective candidates for the University of Nigeria should also click download button below for updates on both University and Departmental Entry requirements.

How To Successfully Gain Admission Into UNN

Successfully gaining admission into the great citadel of learning, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) is no easy feat and it’s one which when achieved will fill you with so much pride of achievement. Here are a few quick tips that will help you gain admission into UNN courtesy of UNN INFO.

Very importantly, you need to know that the University is among the top 5 most sought after universities in Nigeria with over 60,000 Jambites struggling to be admitted there every year.

It is also important to note that UNN admission quota as stipulated by the National Universities Commission (NUC) is just about 6,000. This number represents less than 10% of UTME applicants who choose the University yearly.

These statistics above are not meant to scare you as theysimply shows how competitive it is to gain admission into UNN. Therefore, one need not just be intelligent but also smart to make it into UNN.

1) Select your choice courses with wisdom.

You should start making smart moves for your admission at the moment you purchased JAMB form. It is strongly advised that, unless you are a far-above-average student, you should avoid choosing courses like Medicine, Pharmacy, Law, Economics etc. This is because majority of the candidates that come for UNN post utme annually choose those courses and only a few of them are admitted while the rest misses out no matter how intelligent they might be as the school can not possibly admit more than it’s carrying capacity for each department.

If you really just need admission as an average student, simply choose courses that are less competitive. When you are admitted, you may then consider changing over to your dream course or taking it up as a second degree after graduation. You don’t have to keep writing JAMB for the same course every year, try other less competitive courses. Make sure you check for the application statistics to be sure of the courses that are less competitive before applying.

2) You don’t want to make a mistake in your subject combination.

Please, always make reference to an updated JAMB brochure while selecting your JAMB UTME subjects to be sure your combination meets the UNN requirement. This is very important as some candidates were denied admission in the past for wrong subject combinations. For example, a mechanical engineering aspirant who chose English, Mathematics, Physics, and Biology may not be admitted for not having Chemistry in the combination. We have discussed this in details in a previous article.

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Also, while choosing your subjects, think about an alternative course or 2nd choice course that can also go with your subject combination. Why? At some point after your JAMB UTME exam, you may wish to go for JAMB change of course form or UNN supplementary admission form (may be because your JAMB or Post Utme score is not up to your first choice course’ cut off mark).

When you decide to go for the change, you will only be able to change the course, and not the subjects. So if your existing subject combination did not meet up with UNN requirements for your new course, you will be throwing away your chance of admission for the year.

3) NUC Admission Policy is followed strictly by UNN.

We have seen Jambites on different forums online claim that the Univesity of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) only admits candidates from Enugu state and it’s environs then discriminate against non-Igbo candidates. That’s a fallacy! The University strictly follows the Federal Government admission policy which states that institutions should admit candidates based on 45% Merit, 35% Catchment Area and 20% Education Less Developed States (ELDS).

It may interest you to know that a candidate from an educationally less privileged state like Bauchi, Benue, Ebonyi etc. with an average score of 180 stands a better chance of admission into UNN than a candidate from Enugu or Anambra state with an average score of 240. This is simply because majority of secondary leavers here in the south east, who of course always seek to further their education in the University, usually choose UNN for it’s proximity and great reputation.

This large number of applicants end up competing for the few available admission space for catchment area whereas the very few candidates from education less developed states who choose UNN end up having more admission space than they can possibly fill. So, if you are from any of the ELD states, wise up and choose UNN!

4) Even more competitive is the UNN Supplementary Admission.

Many UNN aspirants believe that if they don’t gain admission into their first choice course, they can simply go for the UNN supplementary or shopping form and be admitted into another course. The truth is, as an average student, you stand a better chance of admission by merit if you chose a less competitive course as first choice than when you choose the same course during supplementary admissions. This is because some of the above-average candidates with scores of 250+ that were not admitted into medicine and the likes (because the university cannot possibly admit all of them) will surely come back to jostle for the less competitive courses with you during supplementary admissions.

Furthermore, UNN may not use the Merit, Locality and ELDS guideline for supplementary admissions. Some other criterion like Staff quota etc. may come into play then. So, you don’t have to spend N10,000 on UNN shopping/supplementary form for an admission you are not guaranteed. You have to make smart choices from the time you apply for JAMB UTME.

5) Don’t joke with your JAMB UTME and post UTME scores.

In the past, UNN considered only post utme score for admission, but now a final admission score is used which is calculated as an average of Jamb score and post utme score. That is, the sum of your Jamb score and your post ume score divided by two(2). This means that it’s just as important to get a high score in Jamb as it is to get same in the screening exam. A poor performance in either of the exams will surely affect your final average score.

6) Make hay while the sun shines.

Apart from being smart with your choice of courses, you have to also be smart with time management. You have to be intelligent by studying long before the exam draws near. There may be school breaks and vacations but a good student knows that there is no break in academics. I recommend that you create a daily reading timetable for yourself which you should follow religiously.

7) Ensure you obey instructions on the exam day.

This is very important as many UNN Post utme candidates in the past end up not seeing their results simply because they did not follow laid down instructions on how to correctly shade in their registration number on the answer script.
Carefully read the instructions on your question paper, and follow them exactly.

8) Don’t even dream of cheating.

In recent times, live O’ level WASSCE exam questions and answers are easily seen on different websites even hours before the exam. This has now made some Jambites to think every exam will be like that. Unfortunately for them, such cannot happen with UNN post utme. Here is why; in the past, UNN screening exam papers are printed when the candidates are already seated for the exam. This means the candidates will have to wait for some time after they are already checked into the exam halls before the actual exam begins. Also, candidates can’t even enter the exam hall with a phone as they will be thoroughly searched and seized phones will never be returned to the owners even after the exam. Yeah, it’s that serious. So, you have no option but to read your books.

9) Remember to put God first in your preparation.

You do not need to be told the importance of putting God first in whatever you do. One of the most debilitating realities of man’s limitations is that he cannot know the future for sure. We can make reasonable predictions about tomorrow based on yesterday and today but we can never know for sure what the future holds. That’s where God comes in. When you learn to trust Him with tomorrow, you are asking Someone who knows the great end from the beginning to help you get there.

In addition, below are some questions also adopted from unn-edu.info recently and their general response to them:

Can I combine WAEC and NECO results in UNN?
The answer is Yes. But some departments like Medicine will not accept such combination.

– Does UNN accept University transfer students?
Yes. The UNN Inter-University Transfer forms are sold at the end of second semester.

– Can I defer my admissions for any reason?
Yes, but you must have completed your first year registration and obtained a Matriculation number then.

UNN Online Post UTME CBT Practice Tests That Will Help You Prepare Adequately:

The following UNN Post UTME practice tests (CBT) are absolutely free in case you were wondering and you are highly advised to try them out depending on your subject combination. Each of the tests have English Language as a compulsory part of the test just as it is in the JAMB UTME and the UNN post UTME screening examination. The other subjects are dependent on your JAMB subject combination and the course you wish to study in the institution.

  • UNN Online Post-UTME CBT Physics | Chemistry | Biology Practice Test
  • UNN Online Post-UTME CBT Physics | Chemistry | Mathematics Practice Test
  • UNN Online Post-UTME CBT CRK | Government | Literature Practice Test
  • UNN Online Post-UTME CBT Physics | Geography | Mathematics Practice Test
  • UNN Online Post-UTME CBT Biology | Chemistry | Mathematics Practice Test
  • UNN Online Post-UTME CBT Economics | Government | Mathematics Practice Test
  • UNN Online Post-UTME CBT Economics | Government | Literature Practice Test
  • UNN Online Post-UTME CBT Economics | CRK | Literature Practice Test
  • UNN Online Post-UTME CBT Economics | Geography | Mathematics Practice Test
  • UNN Online Post-UTME CBT Economics | CRK | Government Practice Test
  • UNN Online Post-UTME CBT Government | Physics | Mathematics Practice Test
  • UNN Online Post UTME CBT Accounting | Government | Mathematics Practice Test
2015. Courtesy: Nigerian Scholars

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