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Causes and Remedies of Student’s Failure in Universities

Written by Sadiya Yahaya (Mass Comm. Dept. Bayero University Kano)
Failure of Students in Universities - Causes and RemediesThe most noticeable reason for student’s failure in universities, especially at the preliminary level, is the lack of conducive avenue with good audio system. Most students in a lecture hall cannot hear and understand elaborations delivered by lectures.
The number of students is so large that they cannot be handled by a single lecture per course. This results in the students being distracted and therefore ill-prepared when it is time to write examinations. It is not really feasible for them to even get pass mark; most get the lower grades. This problem also results in producing half-baked and substandard graduates.
However, students who are taught under such conditions will pass their examinations better only through personal efforts, by attending group discussions or tutorials.

Additionally, students who fail their examinations sometimes are not blamed because there are no enough relevant books on every subject. This is because most students cannot afford to buy books every semester because most struggle to earn a living by themselves. Even where there are relevant books, many students do not have adequate guidance as to which books will help them best.
For example, students who failed GSP- English and Communication Skills twice didn’t have good background in English language and need books that teach parts of speech, how to write correct sentences, explanation of different types of letter writing and essays and a treatise of past questions to serve as guide and reference for them.
Furthermore, some students fail their papers, sometimes because of the attitude of some lecturers. Some students may also carryover a course as a result of missing script.
However, to give fairness a chance, some students are the architects of their misfortune and failure. This is because many of them attend parties; refuse to read and play away their time instead of studying hard for examinations. Some even believe in the power of juju (asiri) or using talisman for success but they have often been proved wrong.

In conclusion, while we can assume that some students fail their examinations because of their personal un-seriousness, more students fail because of strong external factors like inadequacy of reference materials.

However, it’s my belief that if students can come to grips with themselves and be serious for a while, impressed lecturers will be willing to help them out based on their improved performance.

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