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COVID-19: How Do I Prevent It and Protect Myself?

The National Universities Commission has ordered the vice-chancellors of all universities in Nigeria to embark on a one month closure of schools. What does this mean? Means everyone has to return to their respective homes or students of a higher institution that haven’t resumed have to stay at home. For those traveling home and those who have decided to stay in their various institutions till the closure is over, you will need to be extra cautious because lots of people will travel and that increases the risks of contracting the new coronavirus, but don’t worry you can prevent that by following the necessary precautions, which are;


Also known as hand rub or hand disinfectant, is a substance used to kill germs, microorganisms in the form of bacteria, viruses, and others, in this case, it is effective on coronavirus. It comes in liquid or gel, can be alcohol-based or non-alcohol based. Health officials highly recommend the alcohol-based hand sanitiser to others cause of its effectiveness, so you have to get yourself one.


If you are a very mobile person, you should have a spritz bottle containing soap and water with you at all times so you wash your hands after you have been in a public place, had contact with a sick individual. The ideal time for handwashing should last for at least 20 seconds and that implies that it can be more than 20 seconds.

Every individual is expected to engage in thorough hand washing as part of the preventive measures of getting infected with the new coronavirus


There are different types of a nose mask, we have the chemical, fashion, surgical and disposable. Surgical and disposable masks are the most appropriate to use because they prevent tiny droplets of respiratory fluids from entering either the nose or the mouth nor allow them to leave the mask.

WHO does not necessarily mandate its use for healthy individuals but for those who are exhibiting the symptoms of COVID-19 and are unhealthy, this is to protect the people around them and prevent them from contracting the virus.


This is an act of intentional separation from others and is done by avoidance of crowded places e.g concerts, conferences, and others, anywhere you are bound to get into contact with lots of people, its best to avoid such. Crowded parties are no more advisable, in fact, most state governments have banned social gatherings be it religious activities or social activities.


How do I stay safe? You stay safe by following all the necessary aforementioned precautions: use your hand sanitiser, wash your hands regularly with soap and water, use nose mask when you are sick, avoid crowded places, parties, crowded religious place of worship and try as much as possible to do bulk shopping to reduce multiple trips to the marketplace and lower the risk of contracting the virus.
For those who would be staying at home, make sure you have enough cash or you engage in cashless policy and I guess that’s the best.

Once again, stay safe darlings.

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