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Succeeding in University: Benefits of a University Education

Succeeding in University Part 1: Benefits of a University Education

When asked, most students say they’re in university or they wish to go to the university primarily for the job or career they expect to follow after school.

And they are correct that university education pays off enormously in terms of future earnings, job security and stability, and job satisfaction. Every statistic shows that people with a university education will make much more in their lifetime (much, much more than the cost of going to the university itself) and be much happier with the work they do.

But job and career issues are only a part of the big picture. A university education results in many other personal benefits and these also should be part of your motivation for doing well and continuing with your university plans.

Here are a few additional, less tangible benefits of university education:

  • You will have a fuller life and a better understanding of the world around you.
  • You will gain decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • You will meet many interesting and diverse people and have a richer social life.
  • You will gain self-confidence.
  • You will gain learning skills that can continue for a lifetime.
  • You will make wiser decisions about lifestyle issues and live healthier.
  • You will make wiser economic decisions for the rest of your life.
  • You will be better equipped to deal with other people, organizations, governmental agencies, and all the hassles of daily life.
  • You will feel more fully a part of your community, the larger culture, and history.

University education is correlated with greater success in all those areas, even though most students are usually more concerned with making it through the next class or test than the rest of their lives. But sometimes it helps to recall what a truly great step forward you are taking by choosing to go to a university!

Sadly, however, it’s important to recognize that some students do not succeed in university and drop out within the first year. Sometimes it’s due to an unsolvable financial problem or a personal or family crisis, but most of the time students drop out because they’re having problems passing their courses. The two biggest causes of this problem are a lack of motivation and not having learned the skills needed to succeed in university.

This series on succeeding in university can help you stay motivated when things get tough, but it can’t necessarily give you the motivation to start with. That’s part of what you yourself have to bring to school. What we can promise you is that you can learn the skills for succeeding in university.

Special skills are needed because university isn’t the same as secondary school. Throughout the series, we’ll be looking at the many ways university is different from secondary school. To name just a few, the university is different in study skills needed, in personal skills related to being independent, in social skills for getting along with instructors and others on campus, in financial realities, in matters of personal health, and more.

Remember, you can learn whatever you need in order to succeed. That’s what this series is all about. You’ll learn how to get the most out of going to class. You’ll learn how to study in ways that use your time efficiently and help you pass tests. You’ll even learn how to remember what you read in your university textbooks. You’ll learn how to manage your time more effectively than you might have in the past so that studying is less a burden and more a simple routine. You’ll even learn how things, like eating well and getting enough sleep and exercise, make it easier to do well in your classes.

One warning: you might not at first see an immediate payoff for everything you learn here. When it comes to certain things, such as tips for how to take good notes in class to help you study later on for a test, you will get specific, practical advice you can put to use immediately to get a better grade. But not everything is as obvious or immediately beneficial. Some of the things you’ll read about here involve ideas you’ll need to think about.

Some things will help you get to know yourself better and understand more clearly what you really want from your education and how to go about attaining them. But we promise you this: if you care enough to want to succeed in university and care enough to read these articles
and try to use the information, suggestions, and tips presented here, you will succeed in university.

Key Takeaway

University education provides many intangible benefits as well as much better prospects for a career you will enjoy.


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