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Article: Where Would The Society Be Without Proper Education

In a country where students get punished for punctuality, failing class works and home works comes as a big test with little or no excuses for students who fail to get serious wiping, not until recent time, teachers go into classes with different correctional substances, famous of them all is “Pankere”.

Education in this context which is attending a school is not a total determinant for success as the world have witnessed many intelligent and successful people with and without proper education, same with not so intelligent ones with and without them. Equivalent as examinations, it may not be a true test of knowledge, one can excellently perform in an examination but may not teach well but not when a teacher that is a supposed credible source of knowledge can’t spell correctly, make a proper statement and failing a test woefully.

The enthusiasm to thicken the knowledge of students of a particular state in the country from a credible source in order to get better opportunities in their field of studies in the competitive society is brewing into crisis as Nepotism and politics is riddling every single part of our lives. Nigeria education is fast becoming a mirror of her society with over bloated work force, getting political employments not minding qualifications and credibility.

The current situation in Kaduna state has made it Conspicuous that it’s a political suicide mission to sack civil servants in an attempt to realign, streamline and setting priorities right. One can only mold a substance that is flexible as the country has been degenerated and become used to inferiorities. White elephant projects and ‘political’ policies are major threats and only being made to blow the trumpet of a ruling party outweighing the interest and furtherance of the nation in most cases though.

Whatever is in the news is just a reminder that the country is in a dilapidated state, internal stability and dignity in the common man can’t resist the pressure as the leaders themselves who goes contrary to the norms of the society walk freely like nothing happened, the temperament of the government is nothing compared to the frustration of its citizens which plays a major role in the attempt to streamline the common man (civil servants). Whatever is good for the goose is good for the gander, streamlining the common man when he knows you are not better as a leader, why don’t you start from the top?

The primary 4 competency test scripts conducted for school teachers in Kaduna State was shocking after revealing a gross failure by the 33,000 public teachers who took the exam with 21,700 failing woefully which prompted the state governor to sack the failed teachers, the extreme of the failure was so detrimental that it will be damaging and wasteful of government resources to reverse and retrain the affected 22,000 teachers sacked, those teachers who failed the competency test are beyond redemption.

The reactions of the Nigerian Union of Teachers and Nigeria Labor Congress to the situation was even more appalling, condemning the government for sacking and announcing a massive recruitment in the state to replace the failed and incompetent sacked teachers makes one to wonder the sort of message both unions are sending to the public. Those competent teachers that will be recruited will be shocked, are they not going to be part of the union of teachers, if not already a member and what is their fate with the labor congress who should have catered for them with or without a job?

Would of any of those against replacing the sacked teachers entrust the future of their children in the hands of this incompetent teachers? This is a question that should linger on the mind of everyone in question of this present situation and would it be fair if the proficient and hardworking teachers don’t get employed while those who dint merit get the job, at the same time influences the future of children. Of what prospects would the society anticipate of the future of this country in the hands of those children being nurtured by the unapt teachers?

Honestly, where would the society be without proper education and why have a school at all if the source of knowledge is not credible? If education meant nothing or little, no one would put in so much time and energy on it. It is obvious that education gives you a chance to broaden your base of knowledge and access to some many things, education is just like every bit of human life, you get out of it what you put in.

In order to realign, streamline and setting priorities right in our educational sector, it is beyond just sacking incompetent teachers and providing enabling environment, each state should have a better knowledge of its society especially the students as it is obvious in some states, vocational and technical education will thrive better than the regular western education particularly in a country which its government has failed to provide employments, it is one thing to have good teacher, it is another thing to have students who adhere to their idea of teachings or education although this doesn’t negate the idea of having the basics of the western education which has to do with the read and write but more attentions should be given to vocational and technical education as we’ve seen evidence of its benefits and success with countries such as Germany and China.

Issa Ahmed is social media geek and a versatile writer. Twitter: @issaclomedia

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