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After University Education, What Next?

After University Education, What Next?

The question of what next after university education is often asked by guardians, fresh university graduates, friends, well-wishers, and even University graduates themselves.

While some have it all figured out, the vast majority of students that graduate from the University do not have the slightest idea of what they want to do or what they can do with their new lives; It’s only a few students who have a vague idea at most.

This is not the only plight of the average graduate. It is not uncommon to find the Nigerian graduate with knowledge of only what was taught during their university days.

Education outside the classroom that equips any individual with a useful skill set that meets the economy’s demands is unfortunately absent.
This type of education is just as important as that which takes place within the four walls of a University. Currently, there are a host of ICT skills that give you a superior advantage in the market.

Many of these skills are free or affordable. Websites such as Udemy, Alison, and so on are well-known platforms to begin your journey of self-education.

Besides the internet, IT institutions offer you a chance to brush up your CV as you enter the labour market. Without mincing words, what really is next after school?

1. Start Building your Network

Most times, the key to entering many doors is not your degree or certification but the extent of your network. It doesn’t hurt to know ‘someone’ who knows ‘someone’ as these relationships always come in handy one day.

As a fresh graduate, it is smart thinking to increase your influence and foster more productive relationships with people, especially those you stand to learn from.

2. Get a Professional Certification

Professional certifications not only make your CV look professional, they significantly increase your market value. If you’re asking the question of what next after school, this is a power tip. It is good that you get one as soon as possible.

Be sure to acquire professional certification within your career and not just this but a Masters’ certification as well.

3. Start a Business

This will keep you afloat during trying times. Trust me; there is nothing like financial independence. A side business is not exactly to make an easy profit; it is for the purpose of creating something sustainable that is expected to thrive in the future.

You do not need capital to start many small businesses. Do your research and get to it.

4. Garner work experience

Your fresh degree is great, but nobody is going to push over more experienced employees for you. The first couple of years after you graduate could be spent gaining as much as possible in experience and knowledge for your career.

For this, internship positions are a good idea. Your company could secure a place for you after your internship has expired. If you’re business inclined, working for a start-up is great for your business goals and ambitions.

Don’t sit on your hands; start making small moves!.

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