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After JAMB What’s Next? Questions Every UTME Candidate Should Ask, Know and Things to Do

This article contains all you should know and do after JAMB as you await admission. Take a pew, let’s go for a ride!

A lot of candidates after writing the Unified Tertiary Examination (UTME) with good scores tend to think that that is the end of writing an entrance examination or screening into their dream school. They just sit and wait for admission to come knocking on their door. Others with a very low score, on the other hand, tend to give up completely from the year’s admission process. This article will give you an insight into what and what you should do, know and questions to ask yourself as you anticipate admission into your dream school.

It is disturbing to know that some candidates choose and wrote the wrong subjects during UTME registration. Yes, you saw that right! Some candidates will voluntarily choose subjects they will perform better at ignoring the fact that every course or discipline has required subjects you are to write during your UTME. So you know, this is very bad and may even deny you admission to study your dream course. Some candidates might have not heard of the term “Post-UTME” before, others might not know of ‘departmental cut-off mark’, all of these and much more we’ll talk on in this article.

Questions to Ask Yourself, Things to Know and Do After JAMB

1. Did you choose and write the right subjects in UTME?

As earlier stated, a lot of UTME candidates deliberately and sometimes even by mistake choose subjects they tend to perform better at during UTME registration. Most UTME candidates believe JAMB to be all about the score. You write JAMB score a high score, that’s all. But I tell you now that this is not entirely true. You can score 300+ but if you choose the wrong subjects you can be denied admission to study your dream course. Let me give you a real life scenario that played out some years back.

A UTME candidate chooses Computer Science as he’s dream course of study, but during UTME registration he did not choose Mathematics as one of the subjects he was to write. He wrote UTME and had a good score, as expected, he later got admission to study his dream course: Computer Science. But during clearance, the admission officer of the department he applied found out that he did not sit for Mathematics, which was a prerequisite to studying Computer Science.

He was denied admission at that instant, but was later offered admission to another course; Library Science, which was because the subjects he wrote during UTME did not qualify him to study Computer Science but rather they qualified him to study Library Science. This was even a good turn of events. Imagine Library science in that institution, at the time had a lot of applicants, do you think the institution will switch him? Of course not.

The institution here didn’t have a lot of applicants for Library Science that was why they were able to accommodate him. You might not be this lucky. You may say that the institution was not fair, after all, because he did so much well in JAMB, but let me remind you that every institution in Nigeria has laid down standards and requirements they can’t compromise on no matter the situation or the individual involved.

In this case, the UTME candidate is more of fault, the reason been he should have gone through JAMB Brochure, that’s where he’ll know the right subjects to sit for during UTME.

Should in case you’re here and you don’t know what JAMB Brochure is, CLICK HERE NOW! Briefly, you should know that the JAMB Brochure is a book that contains all the requirements of all the courses and institutions offered in Nigeria. If after, going through the JAMB Brochure and you discover you wrote the exact courses, then you’re good to go. If you did not choose and wrote the right courses, you have the option of either changing the course you applied for or the institution during Change of Course/Institution.

2. Are you up to Age?

Do you know that the age limit for entrance into almost all tertiary institutions in Nigeria is Sixteen (16) excluding some private institutions though? Well, you should know that if you’re not up to 16 and you were able to register JAMB, no matter how good your UTME score is you will not be able to secure admission into any public or state-owned institutions. You are advised to either find an alternative such as private institutions or wait till you are of age.

3. Did you write the correct subjects in your O’level?

I won’t spend so much on this as the same applies to the first point above, if you didn’t write the right subjects in your O’level that will qualify you for the course you intend to study in your dream school be rest assured that you’ll be denied admission. You are equally advised to go through JAMB Brochure to know the number of credits and the key subjects to have those credits in at your O’level.

4. How are you preparing for Post-UTME?

Post-UTME simply means Post-Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, is an exercise organized by all institutions in Nigeria to qualify JAMBites for admission. For some institutions, it’s a CBT Exams written in the school, for some it could be an online CBT exam, for some it’s just screening of the candidates’ credentials in school, while for some it could be online. By now you should be able to know what to expect from your preferred institution. I mean what kind of Post-UTME screening exercise they usually organized. If you’re here and you still don’t know what to expect, no worries, we got you covered. You can know this now by going through the Post-UTME announcements of your school of choice.

All you have to do is to CLICK HERE, locate your school of choice and click the link. You’ll be directed to a page where you’ll see how the Post-UTME screening exercise of the school that was conducted for last year. Things you should note at the page are; the credentials you should have, the general cut-off mark of the institution, the departmental cut-off mark, and most especially the type of Post-UTME screening they organized.

5. How are you preparing for your School’s Post-UTME Screening?

You cannot prepare for what you don’t know. This simply means, if you don’t know the kind of Post-UTME screening exercise your school of choice do, there’s no way you can prepare. If you still don’t know it, please revert back to the point above. If you’ve known it, you’ll advise to start getting your credentials, looking for past questions as the case maybe. In one of my next articles I’ll show you how to prepare adequately for Post-UTME. Good luck!

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