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5 Reasons You Should Further Your Education To University Level

Giving the recent state of the Nigerian Economy, many are tempted to just go into business after the basic education. And believe me, everyone has freedom of choice. Yet, if you were told to choose, between a university education and starting up a business, here are a few things, precisely five things you need to consider before making a decision.

1. You Can Do Both

You should never be drawn into the trap, that you must choose between them. It is possible to get a tertiary education, whilst running a good business. Many have done it with great success. So all you need to ask yourself, is: Do i have the discipline and focus that is needed? You can cultivate both, for either way, you will need this qualities later in life.

2. Better Job Prospects

True, the labor market is a difficult field to play in. And having a degree won’t mean that getting a job is an easy ride but it will open up more options to you. Did you know that only 15% of those who graduated within the last six years are unemployed?When you compare this with the 27% of people who are unemployed after leaving school within the last six years without higher education we know which group we’d rather be in!

3. More money

Many youths look at the quick and easy money made from setting up a business as opposed to 4-6 years in a tertiary institution. Yet, the truth is that eventually, you will make more money. There are graduate training programmes that allow you to fast track your career and this acceleration will continue. Working at a higher level will mean a higher salary that will only get better and better. It is just a matter of time.

4. New skills

Your ability to grow, expand and learn will be greatly assisted by a tertiary education. As well as training your mind you’ll develop many new, highlytransferable skills, including how to work in a team, how to deliver an effective presentation, and how to communicate well with others. This might not be available in a business, in which you are stuck with one set of skills.

5. Great Experiences

The university experience is one you will treasure and also learn from. There will be great times and sad times, but you will be happy you joined in. Communal living and developing a great social life are all part of the university experience. When you’re not studying let your hair down and really enjoy yourself!


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