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5 Reasons Why Post-UTME Students Are Usually Tensed Up

As Post-UTME screening examinations draw nearer, the tension and anxiety students have to bear mounts up. Some three years back, while I prepared for my Post-UTME exams into the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), as the days counted down, I could literally feel my intestines clog and tighten up in my stomach region in tension and anxiety. It was like I was about to face some unknown Goliath.

5 Reasons Why Post-UTME Students Are Usually Tensed Up

As much as I would have wanted to let some ‘David’ have the spotlight, I soon had to accept the fact that as long as you want to gain admission into any Nigerian institution, this was a giant you had to face.

Depending on our experience with examinations – especially those in new environments – the feeling will be different. For those of us that may have written a Post-UTME screening exam at least once, we may feel tensed up. Likewise, for those that have been to the school environment (the location of the exams) a couple of times, we may equally be less anxious.

On the other hand, for those that barely scaled through JAMB as well as those that have stayed at home for a while now, more pressure – both internal and external – will mount up on us making us feel more tensed up.

Here are five reasons why Post-UTME candidates are usually tensed up. If you are one, you will find this article helpful.

Reasons Why Post-UTME Students Are Usually Tensed Up and How to Handle this Pressure

1. You’re about to enter a new stage in your life:

Entering the university can be thrilling and scary at the same time. Oftentimes, the thought of having to leave home and become somewhat independent can be exciting and also depressing at the same time.

Correct me if I’m wrong, this mixed feelings of ecstasy about the new adventure you’re about to embark on and anxiety about the uncertainties of the new world outside the comfort and security of home can result in tension.

How to handle this:

Understand that with every new adventure comes fear – fear of the unknown. Consider the first day you entered secondary school or any other similar scenario. More than 90% of the things we fear end up not happening. Maybe, you’re afraid that you’ll not be able to cope on your own but who told you so? Master your fear as a normal feeling that comes with new endeavors and face your Goliath.

2. You’d probably be writing the exam in a new environment:

If you’ve never been to the institution before, the normal phobia that comes with new environments can mount up into tension. This fear is pretty much like the first one since most of what we fear as humans are associated with change and new experiences.

How to handle this:

Think of all the new sights that could probably fascinate you in the new environment and enjoy the euphoria this new adventure will bring.

3. The competition is tight:

This is the situation in Nigeria. Take for example in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, as of 2012, about 80,000 students applied for admission into the university and only about 20% of those students were offered admission. That year, I was one of those students. This kind of stiff competition can mount up a lot of pressure on you to strive to make your way through the crowd.

How to handle this:

Refuse to see your Post-UTME exam as a competition because that mindset stifles creative study and discourages hard work. Rather, see the exam as an open door to your admission into the university. You will claim your slot if you do your best.

4. It may be your first time of writing this kind of exam:

If it’s your first time of writing a Post-UTME exam, you’ll surely feel somewhat jittery and uncertain about the nature of the exam just like in any other case of writing a new kind of exam.

How to handle this:

Simply go through past questions and see the pattern of questions. You’ll surely feel a lot more relaxed after studying the pattern of questions.

5. You barely scaled through JAMB and pressure is mounting up on you to get admission:

This is the last reason being mentioned but it’s probably the most common cause of tension and fear for those that have either written JAMB more than once or have barely scaled through the cut-off mark (see JAMB cut-off marks for various institutions here).

Perhaps, some of your peers are in better positions and your parents are pressurizing you to do whatever it takes to secure your own admission or maybe it’s another scenario similar to this.

How to handle this:

Dear scholar (that’s who you are for reading this article on nigerianscholars.com today), don’t ever second guess your abilities. Refuse to have second thoughts about your potential. As much as society’s opinions may matter to you, no one can truly define what you’re capable of doing except God and yourself.

Have you fallen previously? Pick yourself up, dust yourself and try again but this time, try things a little differently. Attempt a new strategy with the confidence that you are now more experienced with the knowledge of some ways to write an exam and fail. Avoid making the same mistakes again. Learn from the previous experience and you’ll make it this time around.

The entire Nigerian Scholars team wishes you all the best in your Post-UTME.

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  • Soneye Saheed

    This is definitely true. I agree with this article, Post-utme candidates are going through tough time because of what you listed above.

    SeeHow To Prepare For Post-UTME And Pass

  • U said…
    “Simply go through past questions and see the pattern of questions. You’ll surely feel a lot more relaxed after studying the pattern of questions.”
    but the question is where can we get such books?
    i’m presently a staff in a local cyber cafe where i have the free gift of browsing with the internet the way i want, ever since i have been searching for ABU, zaria past POST UMTE questions via the net and i’ve never gotten anything close to that nature. the highest i’ve seen is that they we ask u to pay some thousands into an account b4 they will send u the past questions via email… which is mostly fraud..
    that’s the problem most of us are facing, i’av never seen how this exam is like and i want to write it.

    1. Lucky, I perfectly feel your pain because I have been there and I experienced the same challenges in laying my hands on the Past-Questions. This is a problem the Nigerian Scholars team is trying to solve. For now, what I’ll advice you to do is to find out if there is anybody over there in ABU Zaria that can purchase the Past Questions for you. I’m sure it will be on sale there. The person can then send you perhaps snapped photos of some of the questions and answers.
      We are currently working on a solution to this problem.

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