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5 Qualities of First Class Students

Are you a student in a university or higher institution? If yes, then this is for you. Remember when you first got into school, your first aspiration was to graduate from the university with a first class. Then, especially for those that have been in school for quite a while, the aspiration seemed to change with time after the first year.

Compromise set in and you began to settle for less than your initial goal. Very few people leave school with the degree they had wanted to acquire initially. I must tell you that the ‘first class’ in in your hands and not in the hands of your lecturers.

You choose the grades you want by the decisions you make and the actions you take. Your lecturers only give you the grades you choose. Below are five qualities that you must cultivate if you must become a first class student:

Five Qualities of First Class students

1. Dedication:

This is the quality of being devoted to something. Are you devoted to that goal you want to achieve? Dedication shows up in class or lecture attendance, amount of time spent revising notes and studying and so on.

5 Qualities of First Class Students

2. Discipline:

First class students know what it means to delay self-gratification. Studying is not always as interesting as watching a movie or playing a video game. Discipline is the practice of training oneself to ensure acceptable and desired patterns of behavior. You must always remind yourself that your future and the kind of life you will have tomorrow depends on the decisions you make today. You must pay the price to sow good seeds today so that you can reap the desired harvest tomorrow.

3. Perseverance:

Encarta tells us this word means steady and continued action or belief, usually over a long period and especially despite difficulties or setbacks. In other words, a first class student will say no to compromise and laxity when it’s time to study, to pray, to go for lectures or to do those things that he is supposed to do.

5 Qualities of First Class Students

4. Prayer:

First class students know that to trust in one’s might, strength and ability alone is foolishness. You must take seriously your closet where you communicate with God and draw strength, wisdom and enablement from Him. If you do not have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, you need to enter into a relationship with Him.

5. Balance:

This one is also very important because this is where so many students miss it. The university is not a place for solely reading and studying to obtain a degree though this is the primary purpose. It’s a platform for acquiring knowledge that will help you build a future for yourself, for discovering your purpose in life and for general all-rround self-development. You must engage yourself in other activities that will develop you spiritually, intellectually, physically, morally, socially and even financially. Get adequate rest also, very important. It’s not in the amount of ‘night classes.’

This is just a run-down of important qualities that mark first class students. The list is inexhaustible depending on your personality.

5 Qualities of First Class Students

Extra Advice for Would-Be First class students:

  • Don’t joke with your lectures because lecturers will always pay more attention to what you need to know at that present level and what they are more passionate about which will certainly reflect in their examination questions.
  • Your lecture notes should be your first textbooks. Read them before and after classes. I cannot overemphasize the importance of reading wide for additional knowledge but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your lecture notes. Try to write down as much as you can during lectures while paying as much attention as possible.
  • Start early! Try as much as possible to go a step further before classes so that what will be taught in class will not be completely strange. Also, try as much as possible to go through your notes after classes before that day passes. Two weeks to the exams, you’ll be much more relaxed than your counterparts.
  • Help others out as much as you can and only when you can. Remember, balance is an important key. Teaching and explaining that thing you know to others helps your brain re-prioritize it for easy retention and recall whenever you need it.
  • Incorporate writing into your study. Write down main points whenever you read and solve as many questions as possible if it is a calculative subject. Don’t think you’ve known it well until you’ve read it or solved it over and over again. Writing down while reading also helps your brain prioritize the information as important for easy recall.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in school, it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve failed, you can still come out with a brilliant result. It’s your mindset and attitude that determines your altitude. Keep a positive attitude and a first-class mindset, trust in God and the sky will only be your starting point. Remember, being a first class individual is much more important than having a first class certificate.

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  • Lazhi Aaron

    I jambite planning to enter university and want to graduate with first class or second class upper i really love this encouragement it give me passion thank you sir God will bless you

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    i am a new student at the university.
    i have read it and it gave me encouragement. Thank you

  • Haroon Joosawee

    I'm a student in the first hundred level. Thanks for this, God bless.

  • Oriyomi

    Am new here and I love to be part of the group

  • Ishwar Sethiya

    A promise is a cloud;fulfillment is rain

  • Ishwar Sethiya

    promise only what you can deliver.Then deliver more than you promise